Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh! My! It's been a while.....

Last Tuesday, my three girls and I headed south to visit my {newly} married son and his wife my amazingly sweet & lovely daughter-in-law! :) We were there for 6 days!!!  And we still all love each other!!!

We headed south on the train!!!  It was a long ride...about nine hours.....the same amount of time it takes via car ride.

However, it was quite pleasant merely for the fact that the Littles could get up and move!

- the seats were comfy...big & reclining! Good for sleeping!
- the dining car was an adventure!!!!
-and the 'train people' were super friendly & funny! (One had bubbles and magic tricks for Shea & Avery!)

I will post more about our trip and life in general later.....

But, for now....

We're off to VBS!!!


  1. Oh good - I was getting worried about you. I was just about ready to send an email to check in on you. Glad you had fun - can't wait to see pics!
    Have a blast at VBS!
    Loved seeing your picture on the "staff" page at An Orphan's Wish - I had no idea! Way cool.

  2. welcome home!! so glad you had a good time at the new daughter in laws' house! so fun to say that!! Enjoy VBS!!!!!

  3. I love to take the train! Not that I live anywhere where I ever get to do that, which is why I am so excited about your trip:)