Monday, July 5, 2010

"I like you to be *China*."

Why is it that the most interesting and heart-warming conversations take place at bed time?

Is is because our children are feeling safe and secure?

Is it because our children are finally letting their thoughts & questions that swarm through their minds during the day settle down and take root? And is it at bedtime where they can take some time, perhaps courage to express what is on their sweet & tender hearts????

I'm not sure.....
But let me tell you that I cherish....and treasure.....and feel honored that my children will share their thoughts, concerns, & questions with me.....

The other night at bedtime.....

Shea:  Mom, Avery and I have the same kind of hair. A-n-d, the same kind of eyes, the same skin. A-n-d, we both have hands!

Me: Ummmm, yes.... (The 'same hand' thing kinda threw me....???)

Shea:  Well, that means we are twins, right?

Me: Not really.....(interrupted by Shea...)

Shea:  But Mom, when people look alike that means they are twins.

Me:  Honey, just because people look alike doesn't mean they are twins.  People are twins when they are born together....when they grow together inside of their mother.....twins have the same mother.  You know that you and Avery have different first mommies so there is no way you can be twins.

Shea: (thinking...) I know that! But, we both are Chinese so that makes us alike.

Avery: (who is usually just a 'listener'...probably because Shea is such a 'talker'....finally pipes up with this comment-)  Momma, I like you to be China.

To say I was slightly blown away by this comment is an understatement.....

Me:  Ummmm, what do you mean?

Shea:  I think she means she wants you to look like us.

Me:  Avery, do you want Momma to look like you?

Avery: Yes.

Me: Why, honey?

Avery:  I like us to be the same.

Shea: She means she wants you to be Chinese.  Me too!

Again, I was utterly amazed by this.....taken aback...falling more in love with my precious daughters....
To think that they wanted me to look like them....and not the other way around! 

Me: That would be really cool if I could be Chinese like you. I would love to have black hair like you.  I would love to have pretty eyes like you. And your skin....I would love to have beautiful skin like yours.
But instead, I have brown hair and brown eyes and white freckled skin. We are very different on the outside, aren't we???

Shea: That's okay, Momma.  We still love each other.

Me:  Always & forever! No matter what!

Shea: W-e-l-l, at least we have all have hands. We're the same that way!

Again, the hand thing.....
Well, here's my take on it:

My hands will always be there....
To hold them,
To caress them,
To wipe away their tears.
To clap for them with joy & pride,
To guide them,
To protect them,
Folded in prayer for them and with them!

My hands....
Their hands....
A Mother-Daughter thing!


  1. Okay, you've gone and made me cry! What a sweet bedtime chat with your girls!!!

  2. Awwww.

    What an amazing conversation.

    And you are so right, I got teary thinking that they wanted *you* to look like *them*. They ARE beautiful and hopefully they will never ever forget that. They are perfect exactly the way that God created them.

    And how cool that He knew you'd be their Momma one day.

  3. That I so cute. I cannot wait to share moments like that with Kiera. You are so blessed with those girls and it is awesome that they feel comfortable sharing their feelings like that. It is inspiring and comforting to know that that type of relationship is possible with your girls and my little girl too. I can't wait for them to all be friends.

  4. That is so beautiful and sweet.

  5. I love your picture! Your very special conversations with your girls are amazing! I love the openess they have with you. :)

  6. yes, that is a very awesome conversation! I love the "hands" connection.

  7. Thank you for recording this tender moment! What a precious response from your sweet girl!

  8. Oh my goodness...I'm in tears. Thank you for sharing - I love the way you respond to their questions. Those sweet little girls are precious.