Thursday, July 22, 2010

You gotta check out this blog!!!

But first a little back ground info....

A few months ago while Faith, Shea, Avery & I were eating dinner at Culver's, a family of five strolled over to our table.  This was after Faith had noticed them looking at us quite intently....

This nice lady, sweetly asked if Shea & Avery were from China because she & her husband were traveling in July to adopt their little girl.  A very nice conversation ensued.  We exchanged numbers & emails & blogs....and thus began our friendship!

This 'meeting' I believe was divinely inspired. 

Up here in the my neck of the woods, there are only a handful a families who have children who are adopted from China. 

I have been praying for a family who we can connect with....
A family with whom we can share our faith...
A family with whom we have some things in common...
A family with whom we can have fun....
A family who has a child from China!!!!

So Cool!!!  So God!!!

And to sweeten the pot even more....

Their new daughter {Mia} and Avery are only days apart in age....and....their five year old daughter {Chloe} and Shea have become fast friends! (They also have two adorable {older} sons.)


So now,

Will you {please} go over to their blog {Life with the V. Crew} and congratulate them....

They just meet their girl today!!!!

 She is the sweetest little thing ever!!!!


  1. I love how God answers our prayers. So, very neat how He is providing for you...and your girls!

  2. You are SO sweet Chris!! I am so excited to get the girls together! So emotional - I know you get that.

  3. God is SO awesome. I love how He handles the big hurdles right along with the tiny details. Praise God for answered prayers!
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D

  4. I love this post. What an answer to prayer. I am with ya - I sooo need to build into my friendships that have adoption on their hearts too. We hosted a pool party this past weekend for folks who are local from our agency. It was good to be surrounded by all the beautiful Chinese daughters, from 14 down to 2. It was good to share our hearts and be inching our way into each other's lives.

    BTW, sooo appreciated your comment over at Elissa's post - I commented too. Check it out and pray with me, please... :) I'll pray for you!!!

  5. Hi Chris~

    I saw your comment on my buddy Elissa's post and just wanted to pop over and say, "hi." First of all, I related so much to your comment. Thanks for bringing up the age thing. That is my biggest fear about the wait I'm currently enduring. I have a hard time discerning whether it is the enemy or whether it is God's gift of the ability to think and make decisions. I pray God make it very clear what His will is for your family--which by the way is precious.

    I am glad God has blessed you with a family to bond with on various levels. It really is such a wonderful blessing of the journey and gift of adoption. God knows what we need and when we need it. I am sure you've been a great blessing to their family, as well.

    Lisa Osborn
    Mommy to Lindy (age 5)
    Waiting for her mei mei from Taiwan

  6. Chris,
    I am a volunteer for AOW. Are you?? That would be totally neat!! :) I would love to go to China and be able to hold and cuddle those little ones. :)