Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sisterly compassion....and a little righteous indignation as well!!!

Last week, I took Avery to our pediatrician's office to begin re-doing all of her immunizations!!!
She also needed some additional blood work.

Yeah....lots of fun!!!

Shea came along....(I had to take her.)
Shea absolutely despises shots...I mean, really despises shots!
She will stress out for days, if not weeks, for an upcoming shot.
A few months back, someone had mentioned to me about the H1N1 shots being available at her school....
Well, Shea heard this comment and worried about getting a shot at school...
Needless to say, we skipped this shot 'opportunity'....it just wasn't worth all the drama.....

Shea began stressing out on behalf of and for Avery as soon as she knew about the shot situation... Avery was kinda clueless....
Luckily, I told Shea & Avery about this visit the day before we were to go...
Otherwise, who knows what kind of frenzy Shea would have worked herself and Avery into.... (????)

You have to know that all the way to the doctor's office, Shea was complaining..... 

"Why do we have to have shots?"
"Why does Avery need them?"
"When do I get my next shot?"
"Who came up with this shot idea anyway?"
 On and on and on, she went....

We arrived at the clinic, checked in, and waited.
We were called back to a room where two very lovely nurses were waiting...
Shea began to get worried...
Avery finally realized what was about to happen!!!

I sat down with Avery...
Each nurse took an arm....
Four shots were quickly given!!!

Avery was crying hysterically....
The nurses left....I knew they felt badly....giving shots is no fun!!!
Shea also began to cry....


Shea stood up and stated rather loudly the following:

"Those nurses are naughty!!!!
And I don't like them!at!all!!!
(Please imagine if you would, a small, but determined five year old, standing firmly with her feet apart, arms crossed, and jaw set with a look that could stop you dead in your tracks!)

Oh! my! goodness!!!
And we still needed to get Avery's blood drawn!!!!!

On we went to see the friendly phlebotomist....yes, the lucky person who got to draw a few vials of blood from Avery!!!!

And yes, this story gets better....

The phlebotomist had a student with her...of course...
Would I mind if he {the student} drew Avery's blood????
At this point, I was thinking....
Sure, why not????  Good luck!!!!

To his credit, he was very gentle, compassionate, and well,....good!

Shea drilled asked him how much blood he was taking and told him she did not like what he was about to do to her sister. !!!!!!!!
He told her he was just taking 'a little' blood....ummmm, not really....

Poor guy...

Needless to say, Avery began to cry A LOT and Shea became extremely angry as this procedure began and endured.....

 Four vials later.....
One hysterical Avery....
One hacked off Shea, who by the way, accused the guy of not telling the truth.....because he took way more blood than just 'a little'!!!

Yeah,.... I was slightly embarrassed.

We all tried to get ourselves collected & calmed down...
I apologized  for all the 'drama'....
(We really created quite the commotion.)
He graciously acted like it was no big deal.....(probably glad to see us go!)

As we were walking toward our car....
Shea turned around and loudly exclaimed the following:
You would think I would anticipate these outburst by now...


Oh for Pete's sake!!!!

Lesson to self:
Shea will not accompany me to Avery's next set of immunizations or any thereafter!!!  Ever!!!!

This is what you call "Sisterly Love"!!!!


  1. That is hilarious!! What loyalty!!!

  2. That story will be retold for years to come, all the hilarious ones are! ;>
    As one big sister to another, I'm proud of you Shea. You're a great BIG sister!
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D

  3. oh wow! we have had similar experiences at the doctor/lab... not fun at all! the memories, right? :) thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. :) the birdhouses were fun and really not too messy!

  4. Oh my goodness - what a hoot!! I can't wait to see Shea when they go to school :-) Look out, playground bully!

  5. We do not tell our children we are going for routine shots until we pull up in the doctors office. I have found that telling them before then only gives them more time to flip out over it. At least waiting means they have an hour max to think about it and then it's over! I know its kidna sneaky but it works!

  6. What a wonderful big sister!

  7. So funny!!!! I think I agree with her!!!

  8. AWWWW!!! So sweet!!!! What a great big sis:) If those people at the doc's office didn't appreciate that sisterly compassion then shame on them!!!! Hehe!!

  9. Now, I KNOW this was NOT funny AT ALL at the time but this is a story worth re-telling at least a HUNDRED times over the course of Shea an Avery's life!!


  10. It doesn't get any better than sisterly love! How completely adorable of her to be looking out for her sister (once she found out it wasn't going to be HER on the hot seat!)

    Your girls are such dolls. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog the other day. I have been meaning to come by all week but just started a new job that has really cut into my computer time! :)
    So glad I made it over tonight!

    I will certainly be back!


  11. ROFL!!!!
    Really, I literally am.