Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {Daddy & his girls}

Today is my husband's birthday!!!

'We' took him out for lunch!

The 'Littles' were sooooo excited!!!

They love to eat......
They love to celebrate birthdays.....
But, most importantly....

They love their daddy!!

And, a great daddy he is!!!!

All his 'little' girls love him to pieces....

Especially his first little girl...who isn't so little anymore.....(sigh!).

We are all so blessed to have this man in our lives.
He is an amazing father to all his children....
He has been a great role-model to our grown sons...
He has and is loving & supportive to our daughters....

He still brings a smile to my face & a flutter to my heart!!

Happy birthday, honey!!!!
You're the best!!!

(No pictures of the 'wife'....someone had to man the camera!)

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. There's a lot of love going on there. What better way to celebrate your birthday!


  2. Happy Birthday, Dave! We totally need a picture of the two of you, Chris ;)
    Looks like a wonderful day was had by all... I'm thinking those girls have their daddy wrapped around their little fingers :)

  3. It's obvious that all the girls adore their Daddy. So sweet! :)
    Happy Birthday & God's blessings on another fabulous year!!!
    Sarah :D

  4. There is something very special about a dad and his daughters!
    Happy B-Day.


  5. Oh my such sweetness!! What a great testimony he has! Happy Birthday!! You are so loved!

  6. Daddies are a wonderful treasure:) Happy Birthday to him:)

  7. Happy Birthday! Love to see Daddy with his beautiful girls!

  8. Very sweet post!!! Happy Birthday to your wonderful hubby!!!!

  9. Hope your hubby had a wonderful birthday! How could he not with all of that sweetness!?

  10. Oh, happy (belated) birthday, Dave!!! Glad y'all had a wonderful day celebrating.

  11. Unkie Dave Rocks. :)
    Love, Yumpklin