Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Let's Go to Dora!"


Avery has been repeatedly expressing this desire....

"Momma, letsee go todora!"

I must admit that I was quite confused by this request....

Yes, she enjoys watching  Dora the Explorer....

And yes, she is wearing a Dora dress....(a hand-me-down from Shea)

However, this comment of "going to Dora" came at the most random times.....(at least that is what I initially thought...)

She would say "letsse go todora" while we were riding in the car picking up Shea from pre-school....
She would say "letsse go todora" in the kitchen while I was preparing lunch.....
She would say 'letsse go todora" after church...

I would ask her if she wanted to watch Dora on TV...

"No Momma!"

I would ask her if she wanted to play one or our Dora games....

"No Momma!"

I would ask her if she wanted to sing the Dora song....

"No Momma!"


We were both getting frustrated!!!!!

Finally, one day last week it all came together.....

I asked Avery if she wanted some ice cream.  Of course, she said yes.  (smart kid!)
When I went to the freezer, I realized that the ice cream that I thought was there....wasn't!
(I like to blame this on the 'big' kids...)
I told Avery that the ice cream was all gone....
She responded with....

Can ya guess???

"Letsee go todora!"



I understood what she was saying!!  (Insert Angels singing.... "Hallelujah!!")

"Let's go to the store!"

Avery was very pleased that I finally knew what she was saying.....

So, naturally....

We went to the store....

And, bought some ice cream!

And all was right with the world....

At least, Avery's world!!!


  1. Way to go mom!! That is such a precious story!!

  2. Oh too cute!! Lizzie will do that. She will say something over and over until her Momma gets what she is trying so hard to say! She will look at me like, "duh" and then get so happy that I finally understand:):) I bet Avery was REALLY glad when you finally understood that she wanted ice cream:) That is a girl after my own heart!! LOL!!

  3. How sweet! Don't you just love those "ah ha!" moments when the light bulb goes on over your head and you finally understand! I know Avery was thrilled.

  4. YEAH! How I empathize with this! Trying SO HARD to figure out the words...I think the HARDER you try the harder it is to get it! Wow...I am impressed with Avery's English!
    Cute photos!

    I like to go to the store too...but NOT the grocery!

  5. Yay! What a great moment.

    BTW, Kate saw Avery's pic and said, "She has a pink bow like me. She is my friend. Can we meet her?" So tell Avery she has a friend in KY:)

  6. Precious, absolutely precious! :)
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D

  7. she is so flippin cute!

    i can tell that i'm the mom of 2 kids with significant speech issues and 1 just learning english. i started reading and immediately thought, "aww..she just wants to go to the store!" lol lol

    email me if you ever want interpretations:) lol

  8. OH, that's cute. We have the same thing happen at least once a day. I can't even keep up with all the new stuff she's trying to say.

    The cutest? When she goes to get something, she says, "Ahhhh GAH Lick!" (I got it!) :) And she says it so triumphantly, I keep looking for reasons to hear her say it :)

  9. Oh my goodness......I was cracking up! This still happens with Emma Jane but thankfully Lottie can translate for me:)

    She is so precious and has the sweetest sweetest smile!

  10. Love it! Takes me back a few years, too. There was this one period of time where the Tongginator used the word "ladybug" in an odd context. Email me if you want to know what she was saying... cuz the husband would get mad if I posted it.