Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Snapshot: Happy Chinese New Year!

had big plans for today....

I had recipes for some good Chinese food....(courtesy Tonggu Momma)
I had some crafts and art projects lined up for the weekend....(again, courtesy Tonggu Momma)
Heck, I even bought a bamboo steamer.  This is big for me since I am not really that good in the kitchen!

Then my littlest darling became ill on Friday afternoon....
Nothing too serious....
A temperature...
Some throwing up...
And a lot of 'clingy'!!!

I didn't mind...the 'clingy' was some good bonding time.
Shea minded the 'clingy'.  In fact, she was rather put out by it all!
However, we all survived.

We didn't go to church.
We didn't make any Chinese food.
We didn't do any crafts or projects.

But, we did get some pictures!!!!

Avery started feeling better by late morning.
I dressed my little girls up....
And the photo shoot began!!!!

It's hard to believe that this little stinker was even sick!!!!

Ni Hao Y'all

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  1. Oh, I'm glad she is feeling better! And we totally had big plans, too, but Snowmagedon had other ideas. Heh.

  2. Hi there! The girls look great! It looks like Avery is getting the Shea pose (with her hands on her hips) down pretty good. How's it all going up there?? We are ready for spring here, I can only imagine how yall feel! We are enjoying all the pictures, thanks for keeping up with it!! Love yall!

  3. Flexibility is the name of the game, for sure!! Maybe you can still enjoy your fun stuff throughout the week...the girls are gorgeous!

  4. Chris, those dresses are about the prettiest I have seen! Love the color and style and of course your girls fill them with all their charm and cuteness!

    Glad things are ON THE MEND in the sickness dept.

  5. So sorry you had sickness too!!! The pics are great, though!! I love the dresses. Did you get those in China? All the ones that we bought rip or tear as soon as the girls wear them for the first time. I don't even want them to wear them because I am worried that they will rip. Would love to find a source for better quality dresses. Glad your littlest is feeling better:)

  6. So glad every one is feeling better. The girls look adorable in their Chinese outfits.
    You are such a great mom to have all the fun New Years stuff planned.

  7. OK - totally adorable pictures!! And you did more than I did for CNY.

  8. I have to smile at those girls gettin' their groove on in their Chinese dresses.... hands on hips ;) And, of course, beautiful!
    Sorry to hear Avery was still feeling yucky! Like you, we didn't do much. We DID do the Chinese food, but no pictures ;)
    Hope everyone is better SOON!

  9. Chris,

    Just pure joy to see your girls together and celebrated the Chinese New Year here in the US!

  10. I love your girls dresses, so pretty.

    I aslo love the picture behind them!! What a treasure.

    Hope you all are feeling better.