Friday, February 26, 2010

Flashback Fridays!!!

I have noticed that a few of the blogs I follow are doing this 'Flashback Fridays' thing.

I think it is a really cool idea!!!!
I mean, who doesn't enjoy a flashback????
They're fun...
They bring back some good memories....
(If not, at least some good laughs!!!)

These next few posts I write will be focusing on Shea.
Three years ago, we were in China....trying to get to know each other.....trying to bond.....
Becoming a family!!!!!!

Those days were some of the most amazing, emotional days of our lives!!!

So without further ado......

Here are the pictures of a little girl who captured our hearts and thus began our incredible journey to our darling daughter!!!

We first saw our sweet Shea on May 31, 2006!!!
She was 12 months old in these referral pictures.

Look at all that cuteness (and layers)!!!
How about those split pants!!!!
Gotta love it!!!

Things were done differently 'back in those days'!  Ha-ha

We filled out the required paperwork of SNs....
Then we waited to be matched.

I will never forget the day when we received the phone call on that last day of May in 2006!!
Of course, I wasn't home.....
So, Faith & I listened as Kate (our case worker)-via answering machine- gave us the news that we had a daughter!!!

Hey, Chris & Dave....
Good news!
You have a little girl for you!!!!
Your daughter!!
Please check your email....
And get back to me!!!

Tears were streaming down my face....
I was shaking....
Faith was jumping up & down....
We ended up doing that hugging/dancing thing!!!!!

And then finally,
I opened up the email...

I was smitten...
I was in-love...
I knew I was going to move heaven & earth to get to her!!!
She was my daughter!!!!

My husband was in California....
My boys were....?????.....gosh, I can't remember!!!!
So it was just Faith & me...

I sent my husband the pictures of Shea...
He was totally on board!!!
My sons thought she was the cutest thing ever!!!
Of course, Faith was in-love with this sweet baby-cakes!!!!

And the rest is history...
so goes the saying!!!!

Happy Flashback Friday!!!!!!!!

P.S.  It only took me minutes to call Kate back with a resounding YES!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, yes, yes!!!!


  1. Love it!!! Thanks for sharing your "flashback" with us!!! :)

  2. Precious. Thank you for this fabulous flashback!

  3. To Cute!!
    I can just hear Kate as you discribed the phone message she sent you.
    I think we are going to have to adopt again just to stay in touch with AGCI and Kate.

  4. How could you say no to such sweetness! ;) I know I couldn't!

  5. I just love the referral photos...all that baby cuteness and THE LAYERS! HOT I say...HOT!
    Flashback Fridays are awesome!

    Thank you for your prayers for Nate...he is doing well!