Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shea-Dell & La-La


Let me introduce to you....


Otherwise known as Shea, who we affectionately call 'Shea-Belle'.

And here is La-La....

Also known as Avery. Who she affectionately calls 'La-La'!

La-la must have been a nick named she acquired while living in the orphanage.

Makes sense, since her Chinese name is Zula.

Apparently, Avery missed the 'b' sound in Shea's nickname...
~maybe she didn't hear it correctly the first time
~maybe it's not a natural flowing sound for her
~maybe she just doesn't care
and now that it's Shea's 'new' name, it will be a habit that is hard to break!
(who knows what goes on in an almost 4 year old's mind that is absorbing the English language????)

Apparently, Avery feels comfortable enough with us to share her special name!

I don't know???

But, I do know that  it is so stinkin' cute the way she refers to herself and Shea.
It makes us all laugh.
And now, we are all using these 'new' names!!!

It is a interesting transition that is occurring as far as Avery's acquisition of English is concerned.

First off, let me say that she is a talker...big time!!!  Doesn't matter if it is in Chinese or English!!

A couple of weeks ago, she only spoke to us in Chinese.  God only knows what she was saying to us....
But, she was (and is) expressive, demonstrative, and very much filled with opinions!

Now, she is speaking less & less Chinese ( which is kind of sad), using more & more English words...
mixed with....

Like I said....
Very interesting stuff!!!

Her receptive vocabulary is remarkable.  I mean, she totally understands what we are saying...
In fact, what anyone is saying.
Today at Walgreen's while we were waiting for my prescription, she picked up on the store's announcements.  Noticing words like 'please' and 'special' and of course, 'candy'!!!

She can sing the whole Wonder Pet song and knows most of the words to Elmo's World....
She can pray the common table prayer all by herself!
And started singing in church with us this past Sunday!!!
I guess I could go on & on, but I don't want to be accused of bragging!!!
Not me!!!!

Bottom line.
I am utterly amazed by this child of mine!!!

She is indeed a blessing!!!!


  1. wow. she is learning very fast! I would hate to see the language barrier situation I would be in if I went to China! LOL.

  2. Hey, I am glad you found my blog so I could find yours!! You little ones are adorable! How exciting to adopt from China. I look forward to having more time to look through your blog and read your whole story and see more pics!

  3. It sounds like Avery is fitting right in!!! It's so neat to see how the family is changing and blending now that she has joined! And personally, I'm willing to listen to you brag anytime!!! :)

  4. You are not bragging, just a mamma with joy in your heart! :) Bring on the cuteness, we love to hear about her!!

  5. i love the way kids come up with these nicknames! your little two are both so cute! (your big are kids too ;) ) got your message on my blog about the quilt! thank you! my email is listed on my profile page. If you want to send one, email me and I'll get you our mailing address.... did i see you are in 'the land of cheese?' glad to find another midwesterner! :)

  6. Crack me up:) Our daughter is Xuna. Guess what she likes to be called? NaNa of course. And she has very strong opinions about it.

  7. Oh - SO sweet!!! I just love love love it!!!! Our Mya Jian called herself "Hong Jian" for the first few weeks we had her - it wasn't listed ANYWHERE on her paperwork (which makes me sad, because had we known it was so special to her, we'd have named her Mya Hong Jian.." - anyways, we got a huge kick out of it and though she doesn't call herself that at ALL anymore - sometimes we still call her Hong :) And she doens't mind one bit.

    It's sweet stuff; nicknames & babies!! And I love how our brains are thinking a like today!

  8. I love nicknames between siblings b/c it seems like such a term of endearment or something! Kaya has her "Mr. Bubby" (Kade) & "Baby" (Kami) & it is so sweet. I hope they stick for many years to come!! I am excited to hear how well Avery is doing with vocabulary. Hoping our little guy will do the same when he gets home!