Sunday, November 29, 2009

Snapshot Sunday: Scott

Ni Hao Y'all

Stefanie over at Ni Hao Y'all has been highlighting one of her children each Sunday for the past few weeks now.  She has nine kiddos....Yep, I said nine.  Her youngest is still in China waiting to come home....just like our Avery is.....

Anyway, she has encouraged us other bloggers to join in the fun.  And it is fun when a mom can brag talk about her kids!

I decided to start with my second oldest child.  You see, very rarely does he ever get to be first.  And for a long time, he was the MIDDLE child....always over looked and under appreciated.  Poor baby!!! Actually there is no way Scott could ever be over looked or under appreciated....

I mean, just look at this smile.....

He loves the Lord.

He taught himself to play the guitar.

He is super funny.

He is a passionate sport's fan. 

He can always make me laugh.

He is kind and compassionate.

He has a big heart and is always drawn to the underdog.

I mean, what 22 year old kid comes home from college for Thanksgiving break and works on a puzzle with his mother????

 And lookie here, it's a heart sweet is that?

 And, plays non-stop with his youngest sister....

Shea adores him!!!

Scott, when he was a little boy, insisted he was never going to leave me.  He was determined to marry me.  He would become quite distraught when I told him that I was already his dad....(duh)....and that someday he would find the love of his life and marry her!

Well, he did find the love of his life while in high school and they are planning a June wedding!!!  BTW, I just love my future daughter-in-law to pieces.  I kinda set them up....(that's a whole 'nother post)....but, all you mommas out there...all I can say is trust your instincts.  Don't be afraid to help your boys find their woman!!!!

He will also be graduating in 19 days from college!!!!  Wow....with a degree in Business Communications.  He is currently interning for ESPN radio. Oh, how I am praying it is the Lord's will for him to become an employee of that station!!!

So, not only is Scott the first child for me to highlight for Sunday Snapshot,
he is also the first child of this family to graduate from college and get married!!! 

Oh, one more thing....

My son Scott is a miracle.  Yes, I know that all children are miracles, but this child of mine truly has a miraculous story....

When I was about 11 weeks pregnant with Scott, I became quite ill with CHICKEN POX.  I had contracted this virus after helping my neighbor care for her four young children who all had chicken pox at.the.same. time!!!!  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would 'catch' this illness especially since I already had it once when I was eight years old and I had taught kindergarteners, who at that time (mid 80's) were coming to school infecting other kids with the chicken pox virus all the time.  Anyway....when my ob doctor saw me and my chicken pox, he wanted to confirm with the pediatricians in the clinic that I really and truly had chicken pox. That day three doctors strongly suggested that I terminate 'the pregnancy'.  I was stunned!   After much consulting, and I guess researching, these doctors told me 'the fetus' could be born with severe disabilities. Such as blindness, intellectual delay, limb and/or kidney malformation. I was all of 23 years old balling my eyes out as I drove home after a long afternoon, trying to digest what these doctors told me. There was NO way I would ever consider having an abortion....I was already desperately in love with this baby growing inside of me. This baby was a gift from God. Was I scared?  You bet!  Talk about a faith building experience!

We finally found a doctor who agreed to take me on as a patient. (He was a 'good Catholic'!)  My pregnancy proceeded without further drama.

My mother had a dream.

She saw my baby being gently held in the hands of Jesus....from that moment on, I was not afraid. I knew that no matter what, my baby was loved and greatly treasured by the One who created him.  I knew the Lord had a plan for my baby.  I knew we would all be alright.

My son, Scott, was born on May 23, 1987, early in the morning.

He was perfect!!!!

And you know what, he still is!!!


  1. Too LATE? No WAY!!
    I LOVED this, Chris! How fun to get to know your big kids this way! And Scott is something else, sounds like has been ever since the beginning :)
    And what a sweet guy to do a puzzle with his mama, I hope my boys will be coming home for Thanksgiving when they're 22!!
    So glad you joined in this Sunday!

  2. I LOVE this Sunday Snapshot! OH MY!! What an amazing story and what an amazing son you have!!


  3. What a testament of faith! I loved your Sunday Snapshot.

  4. I LOVE that you held your ground on what you belived and ended up with this great life with your wonderful son.
    I started with my second born last week for Snapshot Sunday. It's fun to mix it up and start with them first.