Friday, November 20, 2009

Lovin' the Library!!!

When I picked up Shea from school the other day,  I told her we needed to go to the library to return her books. You would have thought I just told her we were going to Disney Land....for real....this kid absolutely loves the library!!!!

Here is her obligatory smile and pose for her momma.  (Can ya tell she just wants to get her little hands on some books?)

Now on to the main objective of this trip!

A pause in the concentration of choosing books...
"How many books can I get, Mom?"

 On this day, Shea checked out 21 books!!!!

The nice librarian told us we could check out up to 200 books!!!!!



Shea decided that next time she might need at least 47 books.  The librarian gave me an interesting look.

What? I told her this was Shea's favorite new number!

And it has nothing, I mean nothing, to do with a certain ....ahem....age....of a certain momma.


  1. hahaha, the number part is really funny, Shea is a stinker.

  2. Geez o pete!!! LOL, have fun with all those. Bretta will have fun too ;)