Friday, November 6, 2009

I-800 Approval, Baby!!!!!!!!


The official I-800 approval came in my mail yesterday!!!!!

Today it was sent to China....
We need one more document from the US Consulate in Guangzhou....
This should take about 2 weeks to receive.....
Then we can expect to receive our TA! (That is travel approval!)
This could take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks!!!!!!

Please pray for us as we anxiously await these final steps.
We are so close.....
I can almost feel my arms around Avery....
I can almost feel her soft silky hair....
I can almost hear her voice....
Oh, I just can't wait to meet her!!!!!

Look at all this cuteness!!!!!

I love you baby girl!!!!!!


  1. Yayy!! Can't wait to go to china to bring her home!!

  2. I'm so happy, happy, happy......ya think?

    How wonderful if God's will is for Avery to be home for Christmas, or if its His will for her to come home in January....what a great way to begin 2010!!!! Whatever way it works out ~ God's will is perfect. Praise Him! We'll keep praying for all to go according to His will.

  3. AWESOME PAWESOME! Love you momma, and I am very excited for the whole family!

  4. Hi Chris!
    Avery is PRECIOUS!!!!! Thank you for your sweet post on Pearl/Ruby.
    Yes - it is so exciting to be going back to China. I forgot how hard the waiting is once you see that precious face! Thankfully, I know God is in control. It sounds like you are getting close!!!!

    And, thank you for sponsoring Jayden! I am so thrilled to be part of the Pearl River team!

    Blessings as you prepare to go back to China!!!

  5. I have been out of touch and I did not realize that you got I800 last week... YEAH! I wish you the best for a fast Article 5 and an even faster TA! You are almost there!

  6. Hope you get to China soon!