Thursday, November 12, 2009

My little Chatterbox!!!!

I bought this shirt the other day.....

I couldn't resist.....

It sums up my daughter perfectly!!!!!

Anyone who knows her, knows she talks.all.the.time!!!!

I'm not complaining ....really I'm not!  I love her stories, her singing, and her very strong opinions....on everything!

This is a little girl who didn't say a heck of a lot for the first six months after we brought her home.  She was 26 months old and had a cleft palate the size of the Grand Canyon.  Any sound or word she tried to make just got lost....literally!  Shea came home in February of 2007. She had her first palate surgery in August. By Christmas....she was a chattering!!!  And she had a lot to me!

Now, several surgeries later and with the help of her amazing & wonderful speech therapist....
Shea is a talking machine!!!  I hate to admit this....but, there have been times when I have asked Shea to (gasp) stop talking and let some one else talk!!!!

Here is a great story of "the kettle calling the pot black". (Or is it the other way around???)

Shea:  Mommy, I just love my new pink shirt! What does it say?
Me:  It says 'Chatterbox'.
Shea:  Oh, like someone who talks a lot.
Me: Yes, exactly.
Shea: Hmmmm.....just like Pastor!

Gotta love this kid!!! 

(Since our church has three pastors, I'm not quite sure to whom she is referring.....)


  1. She is so cute!! I do remember Shea's face. How can you not! It shines like a light on the Xmas tree!!!!!

    We just got our PA!!!! WOOHOO!!

    One step closer!


  2. Loved this post! I'm linking to it next week at the NHBO site. And I remember one time, when the Tongginator was about three: we were shopping in the grocery store and it was a BIG shop. In other words, we were there for at least an hour. And the Tongginator? Talked The. Whole. Time. By the time we reached the checkout, I was listened out. I finally turned to her and said, "Tongginator!" She stopped, took a breath and then sweetly asked, "Yes, Momma?" And I said, "Momma wants you to talk without making any sounds. That's called thinking." I didn't realize how many people had followed our journey through the store until a half-dozen strangers started cracking up. Sounds like your chatterbox and my Tongginator are cut from the same cloth. Heh.

  3. HAHA, mother, the "just like a pastor" part had me laughing so hard! FUNNY! Shea never fails to impress.

    Oh how I can relate to the chatterbox. We were told our Sam would never talk. We even learned baby sign language. And what a chatterbox he is today!
    God is good!
    Thank you for your comment on my post that led me to your blog!
    Looking forward to getting to know your precious family and watching it grow!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  5. We just received our PA to adopt a little girl with CL/CP. It is so encouraging to read about your beautiful little chatterbox doing so well!

  6. I just found your blog through No Hands But Ours. Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter with me. My husband and I feel certain that one day when we meet her Emily Margaret she will have a cleft lip/palate. I look forward to sharing in chatterbox moments! God's blessings on your beautiful family, Sarah :D