Thursday, January 26, 2012

Update: {Somebody} is definitely Not happy

Finally got the results from Shea's sleep study.

And now {somebody} has a much better attitude.

Good news:
Shea does not have obstructive sleep apnea.  The mid face advancement surgery will therefore not occur for a while.

Bad news:
Shea still gets up several times every.single.night.

My mommy instinct tells me she is checking up on me.....making sure I am still 'here' in my bed.

This routine has been going on for about five! ha!

Shea has never been a good sleeper right from the very beginning.

I *think* this began on the day she traveled to Civil Affairs office in Chengdu from her 'home'town.

She had a quite a long ride.....several hours.

I am imagining that she fell asleep on this ride, and when she woke up, she noticed (understatement) that her whole world had changed.

Sleeping, napping has ALWAYS been an issue from day one.

Maybe I 'fishing in air' with this amateur assessment....


Anyone who knows Shea knows she is INTENSE.


She doesn't forgot anything.

Even though she was on 26 months when we adopted her.....

Somewhere is her soul, deeply buried, is the trauma she experienced on the day when we met five years ago.

Oh my Shea.

My sweet, sweet Shea.

She is so brave.

So strong.

So loving.

So sensitive.

We will walk through this 'sleep' thing together.

Day by day.

Night by night.

I will love her intensely......completely.



She will know that I am going absolutely no where.

No way.

No how.

I am here to stay.

No matter what!!!!


  1. Poor sweet heart. Your mommy heart is so beautiful.

  2. Wow. Trust your mommy instincts. Hugs to you and sweet Shea.

  3. My 15 yr. old from China did this for many years also. SHe was 3 when adopted. She does sleep most nights now but during the day she checks in on me frequently.

  4. My 2nd daughter fell asleep in the vehicle coming to the Civil Affairs office, and they tried to wake her up before handing her to us...she was awake, but so drowsy. To this day, she can NOT fall asleep in the middle of the day without having major meltdowns/tears upon waking up. It frightens her so badly. If she falls asleep in the van, and wakes up in the house? OH MY GOSH...horrid. {HUG} I do think you have something there in your thoughts with sleep issues.