Friday, June 10, 2011

an unexpected visit

Isn't it fun to have a secret?

A good secret, of course.

Over Memorial Day weekend, my son, Scott,  and daughter-in-law, Stephanie, 'popped' in for an....ahem.... unexpected visit.

They 'popped' in after an eight hour drive late on Friday night.

No one knew they were coming.....

No one, except me!!!!

Oh, what fun it was to keep this little secret.

Oh, what fun, indeed!

I kept this secret for 24 l-o-n-g hours.

(I am not very good at keeping secrets. Nope, not at all!)

For 24 l-o-n-g hours, the anticipation was bubbling up.

I was so excited at the thought of seeing Scott & Stephanie....


At the thought of how surprised everyone was going to be!

Excited was an understatement.

Finally, a soft knock at the front door....

We were all playing cards or was it Catch Phrase?????  Can't remember....

I sprinted went to answer the door.

Family was a-wondering who could be at the front door at 10:30PM?????

My excitement/anticipation got the best of me!

I let out a huge scream.

Startled everyone!

They all came a-running.

Yes, they were all surprised!

How wonderful to see Scott & Stephanie!

We all sat around and talked....for hours.

Such fun!

And, it was only the beginning of a wonderful weekend.....

The Littles with their beloved Scott & Stephanie.

Avery testing out her new wheels.

Almost catching Scott riding Avery's pink scooter.
Such a kid at heart, this son of mine.

Hubby mowing the lawn.

Random shots of Shea.

A group shot before a few games of Bocce Ball.

(Sadly this is the only Bocce Ball picture I took.)

Faith playing around with our dog, Bretta.

The big kids playing Whiffle Ball.

A brief chat with the dog....
"Leave the ball alone!"

The Littles and me....just hanging.....enjoying the afternoon.

We missed having Jon (my son-in-law)......
I guess, some one's gotta work.  :(

The weekend was delightful!

This Momma felt extremely blessed!

a Cat-Nap after church!


  1. what an awesome surprise!!:) We miss them just as much when they are grown don't we?:)

  2. That is so fun! Our oldest just lives a few minutes away, but when she pops in (often), the littles are beyond enthusiastic!! Family time is the BEST!

  3. I don't think I could've kept the secret!! Good for you! Looks like you all had a nice visit....

  4. I'm craving some more wiffle ball

  5. I totally agree, surprise visits are THE BEST! (My family is having one this Saturday...)
    Looks like it was a blast!