Friday, June 24, 2011

Catching Birds

My Littles just got some butterfly nets.

Pink ones, of course.

Since they were having no luck catching butterflies....

They naturally thought they could catch some birds.


Pretty ambitious stuff....

...trying to catch birds in the backyard.

Such silly girls....sigh!

Check out this pose.

I don't know, maybe Avery was hoping a bird would fly into her net. (???)

Oh, maybe one would drop out of the tree??

Nonetheless,  there was definitely a lot of twirling and running to scare any smart bird way the heck out of our yard going on to tire out two little girls.....

I guess, we'll call it a day!

*There were no birds hurt and most certainly not caught during this backyard activity.  Whew!


  1. This is awesome! Tell the girls I loved catching birds too! I never was very good at it! But one day I got a huge bedsheet and caught one! Of course my mom was not happy with me and made me let it go. Totally bummed! :)

  2. Hey, its good exercise at the very least! Mya has a butterfly net too - right now, I think it has a soda can in it in the garage :) Hey, sometimes, you take what you can get!!

  3. LOL...glad the birds are safe.
    And the girls look like they had a great day!!