Monday, June 6, 2011

Being hot (already?) & cooling off with some yogurt!

One 'hot' little girl.....

Hot and complaining exhausted from playing outside.
Cooling down by lying on the kitchen carpet (?) and guzzling some ice water.
Hmmmm, what ever works.

A second "hot" little girl....

Who is very excited to cool down by eating some {princess} yogurt.  Cuz ya know it's the Princess in the yogurt that does the trick!


  1. They look like little sweeties!! It's already up to 100 here in Texas... and no sign of cooling off any time soon!!

  2. I know, it's been so hot here already that I sorta dread the dead heat of summer...
    And at our house I find that even reused Dora cups with yogurt scooped out of the big container do the trick. ;)