Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {Happy Birthday Sleepy Head}

My sweet Shea turned six ( yes, six!) on Friday.
She could hardly wait to begin her day!
Turning six is some big stuff!

As usual, she was up at 5:30!
Good thing, Daddy had {this} ready to go.....

Of course, she wanted to 'try it out'!

Of course!

Good thing Daddy is an early riser as well....

He took her through the house for a quick spin!

Shea had a wonderful day celebrating her birthday at school....

Passing out Christmas-y cupcakes to her friends & teachers....
Wearing a birthday crown....
Having 'Happy Birthday' sung to her by her kindergarten friends then her Spanish teacher then the 'big' kids at lunch time made her feel very special!

We took her out to eat at her favorite local restaurant....where she reveled once again in all that 'Birthday Attention'......
Must have tuckered her out....
She feel asleep on the way home....

Poor baby!
Turning six is big stuff!

We had to wait to do {this} on Saturday:

She looks rather happy......

Shea told me this was her 'best' birthday ever!

This is our fourth birthday celebration with our darling daughter.
Ever year has been the 'best' for us....simply, because we get to celebrate with her!

I hope every birthday Shea has is filled with wonder and delight....
I hope she always knows how much  she is loved.....and treasured.

Happy Birthday, precious girl!

Ni Hao Y'all

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  1. She is Adorable! Happy Birthday to your precious girl!

  2. Happy Birthday Shea!

    Does she get up that early every day?!?!

  3. Happy Birthday, sweet Shea!!!

  4. oh man, what a great present! happy birthday shea :)

  5. Happy Special Birthday Shea!!

  6. Happy Birthday to beautiful Shea!!!!

  7. Wow, Can you believe 4 birthdays with her! To look back at those pictures at the airport, what a day! What a special girl, and what a special gift she is! Happy Birthday Shea! We love you!

  8. Happy Birthday, Sweet Shea! The Tongginator will tell you that six is sensational!!!

  9. Awww...she sure does look excited! Happy 6th Birthday Shea!

  10. What a way to wake up on your bday!! She has it made! Happy bday sweet girl!!

  11. 5:30am?! Oh my! Of course if I had jammies as cute as those I would want to get up that early and show them off too! Happy Birthday sweet girl, enjoy that bike!

  12. Chris, You are the winner of my custom banners from the 30 Days of Giveaways! Please e-mail me at so we can start working on your banners! Blessings, Ashley

  13. Happy Birthday Shea!!!! What a special day:)