Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Cookies.....gone in a flash!


On Christmas Day.....

While getting the ham ready......

These very anxious and excited 'cookie helpers' had a chance to actually do some {very little} Christmas cookie baking!

Nothing fancy.

Nothing complicated.

Just easy peanut butter/chocolate kisses with red and green sprinkles Christmas cookies!
Like I said ~ super-duper easy!

The Littles 'job':
Operation un-wrap!

Done with gusto!
(Just a side note: Notice how Shea's candy kisses are all lined up?  Notice how Avery's are not?  My girls in a nutshell!)
Done with high levels of concentration.

Also done one-handed! ha!
Talented girl!

The dough was rolled, sprinkled and ready to go!
It was baked.
Kisses were plopped on top.

Cookies cooled.

And just like that....

Then were gone!
Like in a matter of seconds.
The horde family descended upon the couple of dozen cookies....
And they were gone!
Gone! I tell you!

Pretty sad.
So far those are the only Christmas cookies I have managed to bake....

Hoping to bake some more this week.
My daughter-in-law emailed me a recipe called
"one dough can make many cookies".
(Sounds like my kind of recipe!)

Oh well.
Shea & Avery had fun 'baking' for those few minutes!


  1. LOVE that KIND of cookie! YUM! Gone at our house too!

    Of course, post the Rudolph story...I borrowed it as well. LOVED it and have never heard it before.

  2. Sounds like my house! :) Praising God for Avery being home with you this year! Merry Christmas!!

  3. Chris I just love their organizational skills and differences! Just like Jorja and Jailyn! I think I'm an in between organizational type - so I drive them both nuts! :)

  4. It's darling what you can tell about your Littles just from baking cookies! Those are our favorite cookies too...they sure wouldn't last long here either:)