Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holy Cow! Is is really almost Christmas??????

Oh, how I have missed blogging...

Oh, how I have missed my bloggy friends....

Like really missed y'all!  For real!

Where have I been???

Teaching math.

Long term subbing.

All day!

At my Shea & Avery's school.

Teaching math.

To fifth, sixth, seventh, & eighth graders!

Oh, did you know that I am actually a Language Arts teacher???

You know, like Literature, grammar, writing?????

I think I did alright....
It's like riding a bike...kind of.
The 'math' all came back to me.
My left-brain was is overdrive.....
It is a good thing to tickle that side of the brain....every once in a while! ha!

One of  'my' sixth graders told me that I'm not so bad as a math teacher....gee, thanks!
An eighth grader commented that he was surprised that a Language Arts teacher can actually teach math.....
Again, thanks!

I have been teaching for a couple of hours in the afternoon since the beginning of the school year.
I do teach Language Arts to eighth graders.
The above 'commenter' is one of my current students.....hmmmmm.....

Anyway, this teaching full-time...
has KICKED MY BUTT!!!!!!! (just saying)

But, I'm done! 
I'm done! I'm done! I'm done!!!!!

Please don't misunderstand me.
I love teaching.
For the past month,  I have completely enjoyed these {my} students!
Teaching math was....well, fun! (kind of)
The kids made me laugh.
The kids are sweet! (for the most part)

Teaching all day.....was! completely! exhausting!

Here's the thing....

Back in my thirties, I use to teach middle school all day long.
My three oldest kids went to school with me. (That is until they went to high school.) ;)
It seemed to work.

So why did this teaching gig kick my butt?

Cuz, I am OLD{er}!

I am old{er} with two young children....

I am old{er} with two young children, and I want to enjoy every minute I can with these two little ones!

I must say I am in total awe of women who can work outside the home and inside the home!


How do you do it????

Like, really....
How do you do it?

My laundry has taken on a life of its own.
I can't remember the last time I washed my floors....
I have piles of paper all over the house....
Both my kitchen table and my dining room table are covered.....with (I don't know what) stuff....
My husband asked me the other night where (in the house) are we going to eat....since there is no room on the tables!
I have been doing 'drive-by' grocery shopping....
You know, where you run in the store and just buy enough food to feed your family for that particular night!

Oh yeah, and then there is Christmas.

I am feeling stressed!

Shopping for presents.(on line)
Wrapping presents. (really?)

Christmas Cards.

Christmas baking.....


Baby Jesus!

Taking the time to revel in this miracle....
Hearing Avery talk about Jesus.....
Her first Christmas home!

Baby Jesus!

Avery wondering when He will come to our house so we can sing Him "Happy Birthday".....
Avery telling me that she loves Him!
Wants to hold Him!

gently & humbling reminding me.....

Christmas.....means Jesus!


Holy Cow!

Christmas is almost here....

And, I am ready!

Ready to embrace the Miracle that is Christmas!

Ready to 'see' Christmas through the eyes of a four year old....



  1. I am so excited for Avery! Yeah Jesus! And I will second on the "tired from teaching!" quote! I am starting to feel it too! :) But I love those 4th graders!!!

    Merry Christmas!!

  2. This post is SO much better than the ones I've written on Christmas. Does Jesus get cake for his birthday at your house?

  3. I hear you on being busy....and I only work two days a week. I hope things slow down for you and can enjoy Christmas through the eyes of your precious child.

  4. Your fellow bloggers have missed you too:) Merry Christmas!!

  5. OH! Thanks for clearing things up for me. I am not tired from teaching ...I am tired because I am an OLD teacher!:)