Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rugrats & Cuddling on the Couch!

Yes, I said 'Rugrats'!

Old school, y'all!

My oldest three loved this show...back in the day....so did I!

It was/is the kind of cartoon that appealed to both young & old.

Cutesy babies with subtle adult themes.....hmmmm, a little something for all.

This past weekend while we were visiting my son Scott and our d-i-l, Stephanie, my 'Littles' got hooked...

on Rugrats!

In fact, some of us got 're-hooked' on Rugrats!

 Nothing like blankets, jammies, big brother, Katie, and some Rugrats to make a morning grand!


  1. We were talking about Rugrats over Thanksgiving. ALthough we didn't get to watch any so I'm sort of jealous.

  2. My gang all snuggled on the floor and the couch watching the parade and then football. The next day, I kept the tv off all day, just to help my brain recover from the noise. I'm amazed how sensitive to background noise I've become since Li'l E came home! It was a good holiday here too :)

  3. I can't believe how much Avery has grown! The girls are gorgeous. :)
    Please share our picture of Emily Margaret with them next time you stop by. Most importantly, thank you for all your encouragement. God is doing amazing work!!!!!!!!!!!
    God's blessings friend,
    Sarah :D