Monday, November 1, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {A very fun Halloween}

We always have fun on Halloween.

But, this year our fun was multiplied with family visitors!

Scott and Stephanie came home for the weekend!!  Yay!

And, "Uncle Tommy & Aunt Lori" were able to stop by for a quick visit as well!!

I am telling ya....LOTS OF FUN was had by all!

The two little 'trick or treaters'.....

And some 'not-so-little-trick or treaters'!

 One who seems to be rather enthused!

Not sure who or should I say what is more interesting????  The kitty or the {weird} Packer fan?

This was Avery's first Halloween. 
How wonderful that she could share it with daddy's brother (Uncle Tommy) and sister-in-law (Aunt Lori)!

 The 'journey' begins....

 Didn't take Avery long to figure things out....

Saying "Trick or Treat" then getting candy....SCORE!

 After about 30 minutes...
This Lady Bug fluttered herself into quite the exhausted state!

That's okay...
The best part of the night,

For this family....

is sitting on the porch...

handing out the candy!

Happy Halloween!

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. Chris,
    I looked at the post title and saw Avery fun Halloween! ( A very....) I thought that was so fitting since it was her very first Halloween!! :)

  2. They all look so cute! Looks like halloween was fun.

  3. Oh what a precious little exhausted face she has too:) Sounds like her first trick or treating experience was a success:)

  4. Cute as buttons! All of them!

  5. Sooo cute!! Looks like they had fun!

    (btw...I don't have your email addy to send you an invite to the private blog)