Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {This is how we play!}

One trike...

Two little girls!

On the go and having fun!!!

This older sister certainly doesn't mind letting the younger sister do all the work!!!
(This might be a foreshadowing of things to come.....)

Now this seems to be a little more fair.....
A riding toy for each kid!

Funny thing is.... the tricycle is Shea's and the scooter is Avery's....

Not surprisingly,this pleasant play scene changes in a heart beat....

"Yes, Avery....(deep sigh) can have your dumb scooter back!"


"I guess I'll just ride my really small, baby tricycle!" (Said in an angry voice.)
"Mother! I need a two-wheeler!"
"Pretty please???" (Said in a sweet voice. Y'all know that voice, right?)

Avery decides to move on to a different toy!

And, Shea came up with a.....ummmm, this *good* idea.......

Somehow she is going to make it work.
Despite my doubt.....

And my questions....
"Shea, really....what are you doing?"
"How are you going to hook up the wagon to the bike?"

(I think she is getting annoyed....with me!)

Look at Avery.... just chillin' back there!
No worries on her part! Ha!


On to yet, another toy!

Convenient photo op!!!!!


This is how {we} play at our house....

I think it is called 'Toy Hopping'! (???)

It can be pretty exhausting.

Good thing a Popsicle can fix all that.

And finally....

Off to bed!

'Toy Hopping' is some pretty tiring stuff! 

Don't you just love watching your kids sleep?
Some how they seen to transform into angels!!!

Sweet Dreams, my little ones!
A day well played means a night well slept!

Ni Hao Y'all

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  1. Your girls remind me SO much of my girls! Isn't it great?!?!

  2. SO true! I love the days my kids are able to play outside... means they'll come in, eat, get a bath and fall into bed :)
    Looks like your girls are typical sisters... wanting what the other one has ;)
    Sweet pictures, especially the sleeping ones! Kids are little angels when they're asleep, aren't they?!?

  3. What CUTE pictures! And toy hopping is definitely something that happens around here!
    I love the sleeping pictures...what precious little girls.

  4. GREAT fun!!!
    I particularly love the sleeping photos! LOVE angelic sleeping photos!

  5. This post made me smile. Partly because it is adorably cute, and partly because the "fight scenes" make me feel like our house is a little more normal...
    Overall, I'm glad that your sweet girls get along so well!

  6. Love it! They are so cute:) And thanks for the prayers for Kate. They are MUCH appreciated!

  7. Oh my goodness! I could have written your post! Your girls hang just like mine!! Love, love, love the sleepy time pics!! So cute!