Monday, June 21, 2010

More Artistic Expression....{by Avery}

I just don't know what to make of it????

This little girl just plain gets crazy with a marker!

What ever happened to drawing on paper???

She prefers walls and skin....maybe she is a budding tattoo artist???

This is certainly not the first time she has....ummm, drawn on herself.....

And, she does seem rather proud of this latest 'expression'....

What a stinker!!!!!


  1. Will used to create really elaborate drawings on his arms and legs and call it "body art". I didn't mind this nearly as much as the wall art. Skin always cleans up nicely...eventually! And I love that proud little face:)

  2. You need to get a copy of the book "Purple, Green and Yellow" by Robert Munsch. She will LOVE it!

  3. If you hadn't posted that second photo with her looking so happy and said that it was marker art, I probably would have thought she had a nasty rash. She's adorable!

  4. I am glad you clarified that was "body art" and not a terrible boo-boo! Funny thing about my kids is that they now scold my hubby when he comes home from work with a note penned on his hand. Guess they do hear me sometimes...

  5. Thank goodness for washable markers! Your daughter would probably love a wall painted with chalkboard paint. She can color on the walls to her heart's content!