Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's been a while.....

Almost two weeks since my last post....! (Gasp!)

Lots going on here in this crazy household. I tell ya!

My son Scott and his new wife {my new daughter-in-law} were married exactly 10 days ago!!

It was an amazingly, beautiful, perfect. fairy-tale wedding!!!!
(Pretty sure I will highlight this experience as a Sunday Snapshot post!)

However, it was very emotional.....good emotional....but, emotional none the less!!!
Took me a few days to get my act together.......

Then just a couple of days after we came home after the wedding, my husband and my oldest daughert {Faith} headed out to Africa!

Yes, I did say Africa! 
Ghana, Africa to be exact.
They and their team will be there until June 28.
That's a total of 18 days, y'all!!!
(The Littles are missing them big time already and they have only been gone for five days....only 13 more to go! But hey, who's counting!)

Why are they in Africa?
My husband (who is the administrator at our Christian high school) takes a group of high school kids about every other year to a place called 'Manna Mission'.
In this compound is a women's hospital, elementary school, and recently added secondary school.
The team, which is comprised of a few teachers, college students, and a bunch of teenagers, assists the teachers in their classroom, plays with the students, experiences the culture, worships with the people (which according to my husband, is one of the most amazing and humbling experiences he has ever had), and forms lasting and inspiring friendships!

Mu husband works with the Head Mistress {Doris}... (aka principal) on administration issues, curriculum, teacher growth & education, technology, etc!

This is his fourth trip and Faith's second.

Very cool stuff!!!

So, anyway.....
Sending them far, far away was also emotional....good, emotional, but emotional none the less!!!

I think I am finally getting my act together....(???)

And venturing back into bloggy land!

I have missed being a part of this community.....

Commenting on blogs....
Missing my bloggy friends!

It's so good to be back!

I thought I would share just a few pictures from The Wedding.....

Just the Littles having a lot of fun!!!


  1. Glad to get an update! Lots of good things happening in your family. Looking forward to that Sunday Snapshot, except it will probably get me joining your emotional party! ;o)

  2. Good to have ya back. The girls are adorable in the wedding pictures!

  3. You have had an emotional time lately. Can't wait to see the wedding pictures. I remember last year after Jamie's wedding, I was very emotional. I didn't expect it either. The Africa trip does sound very cool.

  4. Chris,
    Wow! What a great way to start a summer! The pictures of the girls are beautiful! Hey, we started our home study. :)

  5. Glad the wedding was a "Fairy Tale" success! Congratulations on your new daughter-in-law!!! I can tell you're proud. :) And...whew!...I imagine coming off a wedding and sending your husband and daughter off on a mission trip didn't allow much time for winding down at all! Hopefully there is some relaxation in your future!

  6. Hey SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK to Blogland!! I have been checking daily for the wedding pics & re-cap while I go CRAZY waiting for my TA - I mean patiently wait on my TA. =) Hope you are well!

  7. So glad you're back!

    Your girls look precious in their beautiful flower girl dresses.

    And I am in awe of your husband, that is pretty amazing. And yes, I can totally see the worship being nothing short of amazing.


  8. Grace would have been in heaven in those "princess dresses".

  9. You have been missed! Glad to hear the wedding went so well... and I can't wait to hear more about the Africa trip!