Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I not like Momma!

I'm not gonna lie...

I have been crabby lately....

Lots of yelling disciplining going on around here.

Time outs....
Toys taken away...
TV programs put on hold....
Mandatory apologies....hugs....& kisses!
(I know, I know.... these are no fun...and who knows how sincere they are...but, I gotta teach these girls how to forgive each other....
and to forgive me as well! *sigh*)

So, here's the scoop:

 My husband has been in Africa now for ummm, about 11 days!!!  He will be gone for another 7!!!
(insert crazy face!)

I am really gonna try to sound like I am not whining....

But, it is hard flying solo in the parenting department!!!

I have most definitely been crabby....at times....not all the time....but, yes!....at times, you could say that I have been slightly crabby.  

No, really crabby!!!

At this time in my post, I must give much credit, admiration, and a standing ovation to all the single parents out there!!!  You have earned my undying respect!!!

Yes, my husband has gone to Africa several times in the past....for  long periods of time....
The first few times he went, I was home with my three big kids (no Littles yet) and well, they were older.  Teenagers. Much more independent!
The last time he was in Africa, I was home with Shea....she was a little over two years old....It was very manageable.

This time, however,.....*deep sigh*, I am home with two wild  little girls, who are giving me a run for the money! Ha!

I know, it's only two little girls....two little girls, I tell you...

Who are delightful,

Yep, I really want  NEED my husband back!!!!

The other day, when I was...well, crabby....I heard Avery nonchalantly say:

"I not like Momma!"

Shea was mortified!  She proceeded to explain to Avery that you shouldn't say that....
"Sometimes Mommies get mad...but they still love you....and you should always like your momma!"

Oh my sweet Shea!

Well, I took a deep breath....
Gathered my girls into my arms....
Told them that it's okay not to like me sometimes.....
(You should have seen the look on Shea's face!  I probably opened a whole can of worms with that statement...)
Told my precious babies that I love them....always will....no matter what...
Told them I was sorry for being so stinkin' crabby....
And, asked them to forgive me....

I went back into the kitchen.
The girls went back to playing.

Then I over heard Avery say:

"I want by Momma!"

Those were best words I heard all day!

I am so blessed!!!!!!


  1. Oh, Chris, maybe there is something in the air, because I have been the biggest crabpot in the world this week. I have no idea why I am so cranky, but it is what it is. Kate response when I am like this is to say, "Mom, did I ever tell you how much I love you?" That girl has my number.
    I hope the next seven days go smoothly and quickly for you!

  2. Thank you for sharing, because this is life, and this is what it's all about. Lucky, lucky girls. Lucky, lucky momma. God is good!

  3. Yes, going solo is no fun (we are currently doing the same), but it reminds me of the deep appreciation I have for a husband that is an active participant in this parenting stuff!!

    I say you & the girls treat yourselves to something fun together! I think our plan is going to the ice cream stand in the park :o)

  4. My girls got so mad at me on Saturday when I made them go to their room that they said out their windows "I don't like my Mom and I don't want to live here anymore". So far no neighbor has mentioned it. :-)

  5. Oh my, Joan, that is so funny!!!!

    I think your girls & my girls would get along very well! ;)

  6. Chris,
    You are a truly a mom in the trenches! My daughter is going through the stage of becoming frustrated with me! I guess she is 9 going on 16! It is so hard sometimes, but God knows our hearts. Thank you God!!! He doesn't judge us and He knows what we are going through. :) Such freedom in that! Praying for you and the girls!

  7. Girl I am so with you! Hang in there!!...and if you are gonna lose your mind a good book for you and a trip to a McDonald's play land for them works wonders! :) Is it time for school to start back yet?!

  8. We've all been there, hon, and most of us don't have the very legitimate reasons that you do. It's hard to fly solo no matter what, but it's especially hard to TRANSITION to flying solo. And that's what you are doing.

    Me? I'm just grumpy for no reason. Like, I decided to stay up late watching Dirty Dancing and didn't get enough sleep reason. Or I drank too much coffee as a result and am now an over-caffeinated mess kind of reason.


  9. Oh boy am I right there with ya!!! I have had 3 boys and they are nothing compared to 2 little girls!!!! Oh my! They sure can keep you on your toes!!! Hang in there!!!

  10. I've so been there and heard that comment directed at me. I went a whole year on my own but now it seems I can't even get through a trip to Target without throwing in the towel. You'll make it!

  11. You are doing such a great job with those sweet girls! Hang in there.
    As far as the crabby part, I was saying my sorries to my Avery just yesterday. We all go there once in a while.

  12. Well...my friend....I have had these days alot in the mission field AND my husband has been here with me the entire time! lol

    Isn't it wonderful that the words of a small child can snap us back into reality and what is the most important thing.....for me....I was trying so hard to learn another language that I lost my perspective and the order of my life....God....Family....everything else. Big hugs.

  13. Oh, I'm with ya girl. I'm with ya. The Boss just wrapped up two or three weeks of the most stressful, longest hours, worse environment days of work in a couple years. All while I'm potty training, managing two teens who finished school a month ago, and two little ones forced to stay in school until the 29th. Tempers were flaring everywhere... It's not been pretty. Ugh. And I know I've yelled too much cuz my throat is sore. How ugly is that?!

    Our plan of action? Lots of apologies, lots of repentance, lots of hugs and kisses. Wearing out the toddler in the pool every day. Rain or shine! And a vacation in less than three days. Daddy home for 11 straight days. It's coming. It's coming.

    Hang in there - you are doing a great job! If nothing else, they are learning humility and repentance, right?! :)