Thursday, May 20, 2010

Whose little legs are these????

The other day while Faith and I were in the kitchen ( a place where I am at very often), we heard a little giggle....

It was soft.....
It was sweet....

We knew it was an 'Avery Giggle'.....

We looked down the hallway and this is what we saw:

Silly girl!

Apparently Avery 'found' a new place to play!

Why are stairs so much fun to play on???? Or for that matter pantries?????

Her giggles pleaded for us to 'play along'.....

"Whose little legs are these?"

More giggles!

"Such cute little legs!"

Still more giggles!!

"Could these legs belong to Avery???"

Full blown out laughter!

Faith and I also participated in 'full blown laughter'!

How could we not???


  1. Oh my she seems to be a child full of life! Love it!

  2. This doesn't surprise me, she's a little stinker!