Thursday, May 27, 2010

Underfoot {Literally!}....What a blessing!!!

My Littles always seem to be underfoot!!

Sometimes....they are really under my foot!!!

I am not complaining....

I am embracing!!!

First of all, these two are just so stinkin' cute...if I say so myself!!!

Secondly, they will not always want to be!!

And again, I am not complaining...

I am loving it!!!

Soon....very soon, Shea & Avery will be wanting their 'own space'..
They will be playing with friends....
They will be in middle-school....participating in activities that will allow them independence from me...
They will be in high school....driving..(yikes, I will never get use to that idea!)
....going to the mall with their friends
....hanging out with friends for hours and hours and hours
....maybe dating...gulp....!
Then....they will go away to college....really big gulp!!
And finally, beginning a life of their own...perhaps....getting married.....WOW!!!

Until this all happens, I very happily welcome their presence!!!!

Yes, they are my little shadows....
But, not for long!

Trust me.....(sigh!)

Just to let y'all know...
They like to play under my computer desk...
Where I do all my...ummm, very important work!


  1. I think after you've had one grow up and leave the nest, it just makes you realize how quickly time goes. You are so right, enjoy them while you can.

  2. Love your shoes!! : )
    I seriously created a post in my mind this morning VERY similar to this, because I was getting a bit sad this morning thinking James is starting high school..... and will SOON be, well, living elsewhere. Four years, but still, sooner than I'd like. I was thinking that right now I'm really living the best days of my life - I have all my kiddos under one roof!!!! I never got around to typing my post (that's what happens to most of my posts - they're only created in my mind and never actually posted), but now YOU know what I was thinking. Eerily on the same wavelength with you today -- enjoy the moment!!

  3. So sweet! I need to remember your perspective when Will and Kate say, "Hey Mommy" 642 times today... each:) Thanks!

  4. Love this post Chris!! I can get so frustrated with my 2 little ones but I know before long, they will not want to hang with mom anymore and that will break my heart!! I find myself saying(sometimes through clenched teeth - LOL), to "live in the moment, live in the moment!!"
    Thanks for the reminder:)

  5. Aww, they are so adorable! Mine do that too! They used to sit under my work desk but I had to put a stop to it when the the little one pulled a cord and messed up my work. LOL Explain that one to the boss! LOL

  6. Couldn't we just SKIP dating? Or just not start until they are 30????

    Sweet smiles!

  7. Precious post and great reminder that they don't stay little long enough!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  8. So cute!!! My little ones love playing under my computer desk as well! :)