Monday, May 10, 2010

Catching a ride....and giving Dad a little help!

One of my husband's greatest joys is mowing the lawn....
It gives him a time to relax (?) least, that's what he tells me....
It gives him a time to reflect.....
It gives him a sense of accomplishment!

Mowing grass is actually his obsession....(Did I just say that???)
Sometimes, he can literally hear the grass growing!!

Lately, he has been really busy.  Too busy to find time to mow the grass!!  Poor baby!

Regrettably, he had to hand over this chore privilege to our son Scott.

Of course, Scott took on this....ummm, privilege with much enthusiasm.  For real!! 
(Definitely, must be a 'guy thing'!)

So much so, that he offered Avery a lap around the house.

Shea was at school.  Trust me, when she found out that Avery got a ride on the lawn mower....well, let's just say she was
extremely jealous!

So here it is....
One Lap Around the House!

 I wanna go!


 Rounding the last corner....

 Watch out for the tree!

Got it under control!

 All done....with the 'ride'....still gotta mow the rest of the lawn!

 Thanks Scott!!!!


  1. Chris,
    One of my daughter's favorite times is spending time with her Daddy on the mower. I would rather sunbathe! :) Precious times!

  2. oh my goodness! I see your yard can easily justify having a riding mower! Grass isn't plentiful in Colorado so we just go after it with a weed whacker.

  3. Your lawn is beautiful! How sweet of your son to graciously help out AND offer his baby sister a ride. Now I gotta confess, I've been helping Andy keep up with the yard work this year... the riding lawn mower is FUN! I put on my sunglasses, tank top & shorts, crank up my ipod and cut out. I get some sun and still feel productive. But I only help him if he REALLY needs me! ;>
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D

  4. Now thats too funny, because when Scott got to our house this afternoon, he offered to mow our lawn too.... Seriously, about 10 minutes after he walked in he said "Auntie J.J. do you mind if I mow your lawn"? Pat and I looked at eachother and said at the same time "YES"....Scott is such a sweetheart, I am blessed to have an awesome nephew.

  5. Well, *I'D* love to mow too if it was on a rider :) Yeah, relaxing because no KIDS would be asking me for THINGS! haha..

    Hope Shea gets her ride when Daddy gets home!

  6. Cute!! I wish my hubby shared that obsession!! LOL!!

  7. she is so flippin' cute! my kids LOVE to take laps on daddy's lap on the mower!

  8. Now if THIS isn't the sweetest little face. I don't know if she is more proud to be by her brother's side or on that cool ride-on lawnmower.

    Oh, now THAT'S a LOT of lawn. I don't know if my hubby would be as enthusiatic about mowing it after a week or two and I know the novelty would wear off for my WonderBoy in about an hour. You've got some good men in that house!