Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tu-tu girls!!!

My future daughter-in-law came for a visit last weekend...
(Let me just say that I just love this girl!!!)

She gave 'the littles' the most perfect gift....


Shea and Avery were thrilled!!!

This sort of thing is right up their alley!!

They are such girlie-girls!!!

They had so much funny dancing around in these pretty little tu-tus.

They also enjoyed pretending they were....ummmm.......lions.....make that ballerina lions!!!!

Thank you Stephanie!!!
Oh, how we love you!!!!!!


  1. What special gifts! And a very special soon to be daughter in law!

  2. Those are too cute... the tu-tus and the girls!
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D

  3. Adorable! Every little girl should have a tutu!

  4. They look adorable!! And Stephanie is beautiful too!!
    Love all the girly stuff going on around your house.

  5. Tu-tus are the greatest, & the girls look adorable!! What a perfect gift!

  6. Seems that tu-tus were the order of the day yesterday, hmmmm?! Toooo cute! I am particularly partial to the one of the lion ballerinas. And you haven't lived till you've seen my Dr. D place Li'l E's hot pink tu-tu on his head like hair :)

    Thanks for stopping by so often and commenting - it's always nice to know someone is out there :) AND to keep up with folks even after I can't stalk them through China anymore :) heee heeee

  7. What fun!

    I just love Shea's "Chatterbox" tee!

    No one would ever believe that little Avery just came home from China! She is SOOO animated.