Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Has Spring Sprung?????? (part 1)

Up here in 'The Land of Cheese' or 'Packerland'.....(call it what ya like...I guess it depends on if you are a 'food' person or 'football' person.....)  the weather has been down right beautiful!!! I am not sure if this is just a mean, little tease or if Spring has arrived??????  I'm not sure if I should start 'switching out our clothes'..you know, the long, laborious job of sorting through the winter stuff, and then hauling out the spring stuff....then taking clothes to the re-sale shop...the best part is the shopping for new clothes....kind of.....oh yeah, I have two littles to drag around take with me shopping...ummm, not too much fun....anyway, I digress......

So, has Spring Sprung???? I don't know???? Will we get one more blast of winter???? Who knows????

However, I do know that the past few days have been warm enough to play outside. When it is in the 50's... in March.... in Northern Wisconsin....YOU GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!!!!!

We have done a scattering of things....trying to make up for all the months inside....

Riding bikes etc.
Playing with balls
Just plain old running
Posing for Mom (hee-hee)
Chalk drawings
Blowing Bubbles

Oh, and a little fighting....maybe I should say 'a little attitude'....you'll see....

The typical - "Let's pose for Mom" pictures....

"Hold on Mom, let me fix my hair..."

"There, that's better."

"Can we just play now????"

Weren't those lovely??? (insert sarcasm)
Now on to some 'non-posing' pictures'....well kind of....and a little drama....

"Mom, the sun is in our eyes, we just want to draw!"

"What's my sister drawing?"
(Just assuming what Avery might be thinking...)

(This is when 'our fun' took a nasty turn....)

"Shea-dell, what doing?"

"I am drawing a picture of Mom."
Duh, Avery, don't you know anything?"

" That not Momma!"
(Thanks for noticing, Avery!"

(Someone got a little miffed....So, she packed up her chalk....

....and pedaled away.)

 "Big sisters....
They think they are sooooooooo cool!"
(Again, only guessing -by her actions- what she might be thinking!)

Tomorrow, I bring you...part 2....
'Hopscotch & Bubbles'!!!

Gotta love the spring weather!!!!!


  1. The sun is shining brilliantly here in the Midwest today...it is absolutely exhilarating!!!!

    FUN activities welcoming spring at YOUR house! My kiddos seem to want to be in the MUD...they LOVE the mud!!! I think I will be thankful for the mud since the snow is GONE and the sun is shining!!

    Have a great day!

  2. Precious blog photos & fun reading your blog!
    Glad I found your blog thru another blogger. : )

  3. Chris,
    I am so hearing you! Michigan was in the 60's today! How do you know you live in the north???? Last week when it was 45 degrees we saw some little ones in bathing suits on, no shoes, and just a towel flying behind them. Gotta love the spring up here! :)

  4. Avery looks to be adjusting VERY well!!

  5. I'm loving the animated picture storyboard! Too cute!!!
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D

  6. OK from the photos it truly looks like SPRING has sprung lol! I too am longing for the warmer weather this year...{sigh}

    Looks like you guys are truly enjoying these sun shine days! YEAH!!!

    Hope you are having a great week :)