Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {Scott & Stephanie}

A match made in heaven....

 I mean, really....
These two are absolutely made for each other...

They have been forever....
He was a junior in high school, and she was a sophomore when they began dating.....

He is now a college graduate, she will be graduating in May....

The Lord heard my prayers....and brought Stephanie into Scott's life!!!

 Thank you, Jesus!!

They compliment each other well....

They bring out the best in each other....

They respect and support each other...

They laugh together...often....

 They are silly & goofy...

And most importantly, they both love the Lord!!!!
They seek His will...
And have witnessed His love & grace unfold & embrace them....
As they have grown as a couple throughout the years.....

I am so proud of them!

In less than three months, these two 'kids' will be married!


I can't wait!
It's all so exciting!!!!
Our family is growing by leaps & bounds....

Yeah, we get another daughter!!!!!!
How cool is that?????

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Ni Hao Y'all


  1. They're so totally cute together!!! And what a blessing to have a daughter in law who loves the Lord.... an answer to prayer indeed!!!! Can't wait to see wedding pics.

  2. Congratulations to these adorable "kids"!!! I love that they love the Lord, their families & most importantly, each other!! LOVE the cute pictures - can't wait for the wedding!

  3. Oh Chris, how wonderful for all of you. She is so beautiful and you can tell be her smile she is just lovely! Your son seems to just be smitten over her. Oh, young love, huh! :) I remember too! Actually I still feel that way about my best friend. Exciting times for you!

  4. What a cute couple! And such a blessing as a mom to get to see your son fall in love with a woman who seeks and loves the Lord. Could there be anything better!? It's certainly my prayer for my boys!
    Exciting times for sure!

  5. They are too cute! Congrats on adding a daughter to the family!

    In Christ Alone,


  6. Chris, they are too sweet! Hooray for answered prayers!!!
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D

  7. Now that IS something to celebrate! True love AND a heart for the Lord!
    And HOW can you be old enough to have a baby that is getting married?!? ;)

  8. Oh my goodness, they are so cute together!!!! Congrats on your beautiful new daughter!!! It looks like they were absolutely made for each other!!!

  9. Very cool indeed! Loved visiting your blog - always enjoy meeting new people. You have a beautiful family - and an interesting journey.

    Thanks for the visit and your sweet comment.

    Have a great week!

  10. We actually know five couples who were high school sweethearts... kinda rare in our generation. All at 10 years plus and counting. Congrats to your daughter and future son-in-law.