Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Little Pony Tail Girls

Now that  the weather up here in the North is getting *somewhat* warmer,  Shea and Avery are wanting to wear ponytails......more often.

They NEED to have their hair off of off their necks.

Being sweaty is just so incredibly annoying!


  1. Love their long hair! Hope they are having fun so far this summer!

  2. Ugh...down here in NC its hot and little T sweats and sweats BAD! I'm talking shirt is wet, hair is dripping, even her little armpits sweat! Her Chinese "grandma" fusses at me all the time because I don't put her hair up enough - maybe she knows something I don't?? :)


  3. Chris, I am slowing returning to regular life, and I am just now catching up on your blog - love the updated look. Very cute! But not as cute as those pony tails. I wish my NaNa would let me do that with her hair. Right now she will only let me put her hair up if it is soccer day. She is very opinionated:)

  4. Those pony tails are just adorable! E loves wearing hers now with the warm weather. I wish we could see them ALL together with pony tails. :) Your family is just adorable! And I love the that you took almost a whole row of blessings in the seats at the concert! God is so good and I thank Him that you were all blessed to go! :)

  5. Catching up with several posts at once.... First, LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look. And seriously, isn't Christie the best? I love her. Wish I could just sit with her for a cup o' coffee for hours on a morning of quiet and chat and learn and share.

    Second, LOVE the ponies... When will Li'l E's hair thicken up and lengthen out enough for that?! :) She and I both want that so much.

    Third, what a fun give-away. Been thinking of doing one. I'm coming up on 1,000 posts. Maybe then? I'm ONE away from 100 readers. Maybe then? Hmmmm, gotta think of some ways to jump start the tee sale. DTC is looming soon!