Monday, May 14, 2012

The {Dance} Recital

My two little watermelons, ummm, I mean girlies were in their first dance recital this past weekend.

They were pumped!
They were ready to tap, tap, tap away.

Of course, "we" had to stop and smell the flowers.  :)
Why not?

A little back stage waiting.....well actually, a lot of back stage waiting.

Certainly worth it.

The big moment arrived.
Shea and Avery danced their little watermelon dance.
Cute, cute, cute.
They danced in the finale.

Couldn't take any pictures....during the performance.

The show was wonderful.
Really wonderful.
They were wonderful.
(Did I mention how cute they were?)

They had a ton of fun.
They loved the dancing.
They appreciated the applause.

The flowers they received after the show delighted them!
They felt like stars.

Too bad they have to wait a whole year to do it again.


  1. They are real great performers! I loved watching them dance, what a joy!

  2. What cuties! And smart mom for bringing toys for backstage. I overlooked that at our ballet show but won't next time!