Monday, May 28, 2012

{Kindergarten} Graduation

Someone was very excited to be 'graduating' from Kindergarten this past week.

Avery had a great year.

Great teachers.

Great friends.

Child number five.

Graduating from Kindergarten.

*deep sigh*

Does this ever get easier?

Not really.

Nope, not at all.

Time still flies by like crazy.

And this ole mom still continues to shed tears.....

Tears of joy.

Tears of sadness.

Tears of love.

Presenting Avery's {kindergarten} graduation class of 2012:

I so love this picture.

It totally cracks me up.

Can these kids be any cuter?


  1. Congratulations Avery!!!

    On to first grade:)

  2. congrats Avery! They are all adorable and loved by God!

  3. Adorable. LOVE the tees. We will have both a high school AND a pre-school graduate soon. Sigh :(

  4. Okay, that class picture is TOO CUTE!!!
    And it doesn't get easier?
    My first finishes kindy next week.
    Just tell me it doesn't get any harder...

  5. Oh man....I was hoping it would get easier with each one! No luck, huh? Adorable pics. Congrats!