Wednesday, November 9, 2011

They called me ā yí.....

....and sometimes 'mama'.

Oh, how I miss the children at the House of Love!!!!

To say that I am a totally changed person is understatement.

Loving on John

My life....
My perspective is forever impacted.

Enthralled with Kalli.

How do I just go back to my every day, regular life?  After this?

Playing with Liam and Rylie.

 Snuggling with Shannon and John (again).

Enjoying {sweet} Emily!

  Getting to know Samuel. Be still my heart!

 More Shannon time!!!!  *love*

My trip to the House of Love opened my heart to many possibilities.
God IS working!!!
And here,

Need I say more???


  1. BEAUTIFUL post and such beautiful children. I can't wait to see what fruit comes from the seeds the Lord has planted!!

  2. Oh, the swirl of emotions that must fill your heart! I get all inside out just looking at the pictures!

  3. Chris,

    Oh my what sweet cuteness! Oh I would love to go and visit too. I pray someday! God is moving in many hearts for these precious kiddos!!

  4. I am praying that I'll have a chance to go meet those precious children before too long myself. And like you, I'm seeking God's will...

  5. Darling, darling pictures!! That last one??? Oh my.... that's all I can say about that!

  6. Oh my heart is bursting, just watching you love on those little ones. what an incredible journey, you will never ever forget it. And I'm sure it has changed you in an immense way.

    Don't you wish you could do more?


  7. Chris...
    You are glowing!
    Talking about "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!"
    All the time Chris...
    He loves YOU and His Children...all the time!
    In prayer-