Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {Sunday Football}

I am not a big football fan.


I mean, it is alright.

I have nothing against it.

Heck, I use to be a football cheerleader back in college and high school.  (and yes, that was a really, really, really long time ago.)

However, I am a big fan of family time.

And since Sunday football seems to bring our family together for several hours....

(with lots of shouting, high five-ing, eating, referee grumbling, jumping, cheering, & barking)

I guess I have to say that I am officially a fan of Sunday football/family time!

Oh by the way, this family of mine, they are all BIG Packer fans.


I just live vicariously through them.

 Even the dogs hang with us during Sunday football.  Thus the above reference to barking.

Ummm, ya....looks like I am the only one without a Packer shirt.  No worries, my oldest son plans on "fixin' that".

Like I said, I'm more into the football thing simply because it brings our family together for a whole afternoon.

This here momma pretty much loves anything that brings us together....

Even if it has to be Sunday football.  ;)

One more thing.

These {beloved} Packers are 10 and 0.

Just sayin'.......

Join in on the fun and click below:

Ni Hao Yall

*miss you Scott, Stephanie, & Katie!


  1. Looks like you are making memories!! A united front :-)

  2. I'm laughing as I read your post. That is so true at my house too. My daughter LOVES football. She has two college teams she cheers for, but will watch any SEC game that is on television on Saturday afternoon. Then it's wash, rinse, repeat with her favorite NFL team on Sunday. I am NOT a football fan, so I don't really know how this happens. I'm blaming my brother. :) It's fun to watch her watch the games though, and she gets all decked out in the appropriate attire, even if that means changing clothes twice on Saturdays!

  3. Go Pack Go. Fellow packer fan and Wisconsinite myself. BTW love the Matthews jersey.

  4. Yep, I am not a huge fam either but when the Panthers play, it is fun to be together!!!! One of my good friends is a HUGE packers fan! I will have to send her your post:)

  5. my little man is almost 4 months old and I'd say he will love football ( well his Dad does )

    Thank you for stopping at my blog
    I 'd really like if you link up with my Favourite Photo Monday - photo meme or stop by on Saturday with your Flower photo

    have a great week!!

  6. I am not a football fan, but it nice to see you guys enjoy so much fun in it, happy family day.

  7. Football takes over our house this time of year too...LOL

  8. Hi Chris, thanks for "stopping by" my blog. First time I have "visited you" and look forward to getting to know you, your girls are beautiful.

    BIG football fan, live in FL now, originally from MI, GO LIONS:)

    Go Bless,

  9. Hey Chris! Thanks for stopping by the blog! :) I need to change out "Amy's" blog button to our new sweetie we're sponsoring. :) We love AOW! :)Oh, and I'm with you on football. :) The best part is the family time!:) We're Dallas fans...ssshhhh...don't tell anyone.Ha!:)

  10. Not just FAMILY TIME, but great PHOTO OPS :)

    We are sad to say that our QB has a broken thumb! So much for our 7-3 record this season!!!

  11. Way to embrace it! That's how I feel too, if it brings the family together...