Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunday Snapshot: {Small town ~ Downtown fun!}

Recently our rather small 'city' has made some very nice {family-friendly} improvements.

One of which was putting in several fountains into our downtown city block.  Notice how I said block.  lol

Not only are these fountains pleasant and interesting to look at, they are also kind of like a splash pad for the kiddos.

My kiddos, well....

They love them!

Although, it took one little girl a bit to indulge herself. ;)

Avery, ever the cautious one....

Then there is Shea.  Notice her in the background. (above) Totally getting into it!

She took the fountains by storm!

( There's Avery still skirting the outside of the fountains.)

Avery, still very timid and tentative....

Not quite ready to fully commit.  Happy and smiling, but not ready to go in full blast.

Wild Child!   Errr, I mean Shea, my very 'enthusiastic and unrestrained' child.

 (Avery, still on the outside.)

Shea regrouping.  :)

Time for a little conference.

Woo-hoo!  Goooooo Avery!

Avery knows how to have just takes her a little longer to get into the swing of things.

Time to call it a day.

Now to find a place to dry off, soak in the rays.....

And simply relax.

Awwww, life when you are only six and five.....


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  1. Oh that looks like so much fun!!!!!

  2. That DOES look like fun! We have some really fun times in our pool, but there are no sites like that unless we go down into the city. Which I don't do... cuz the nickname for the highway into the city is enuff to make me sure I'll never WANT to drive it on my own :)

  3. Beautiful smiles~beautiful girls!!

  4. So sweet! My girls are like that too, one is always in the middle of the action and the other is hesitant and hangs back to contemplate the risk/ benefit ratio :p I love their coordinating outfits! too cute :)

  5. How cute to see them walking side by side. Best friends forever. Hoping my girls will get there someday too.

  6. THAT is what having a sisters all about!

    I can't believe how far Avery has come and how much she has grown - both girls are precious!

  7. Looks like they had such a good time!
    And I love those pictures of them walking together, hand in hand. Nothing like the love of a sister...

  8. It looks like they have so much fun. They really enjoyed each other. So sweet!