Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Operation: clean up playroom

My Littles are usually very neat and like to keep things organized.

Yes, that might be a tad bit unusual.....
And yes, I feel blessed by this fact!

But something weird happened the other day.

A glitch in their orderly minds and sense of tidiness.

Perhaps the moon and stars and whatever else is in the universe was slightly amiss.

Regardless, I woke up to this on Monday morning.



The door was even blocked.

And this

This book shelf is normally very neatly arranged.


Thanks to Miss Shea.

The only books lying horizontally on the top shelf are the Madeline books.


I was startled to say the least.

So what happened?

Not sure.

They were up early, WAY early on Monday morning.

They usually play very nicely and NEATLY until about 7:30AM.  That is the time they are allowed to come downstairs to begin their {wonderful} day.

*Thanks to an invaluable tip from my dear friend, Stefanie. (Mom of she would know.)
I have put an alarm clock in their room.  Showed them what 7:30 looks like. And have instructed them to stay in their room or play room until that magical time arrives.  They can 'read', play, listen to music, etc.
This gives me at least an hour to myself (insert angels singing)!!!!  And every once in a while, a morning just some to sleep in!! Like this past Monday morning. ha!

Well, whatever happened that morning happened.

Needless to say when Shea and Avery saw my very surprised and bewildered face, they were quick to assure me that the playroom would get cleaned.

You betcha!

Actually this was a good opportunity to purge and re-organize.


Observe the newly arranged and cleaned playroom:

Now I feel back to normal.  :)
(whatever that is?  he-he)


  1. WHOA!! I am impressed!! Can you hire your girls out to teach other kiddos how to clean? Seriously EmmaLi is an only and she makes bigger messes than that all by her lonesome!!!

  2. Even at it's messy-ist that's the cleanest I've seen any playroom.

  3. Oh yeah, welcome to my world!!!! Hehe!! Can your girls come to my house and teach my girls how to clean up??? LOL!

  4. Seriously! My storage room Is in even worse shape than the girl's playroom :-) please come help!

  5. That looks amazing. Can I just say how jealous I am that we do not have a playroom? I really do not like having the girls play in the room where they sleep and keep their clothes. I hate when they have friends over in the bedrooms. I love that you are teaching your girls to give you some morning time to yourself. I think kids need some morning time to themselves as well so this is great for them. How is it working out so far?