Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cartwheel fun!

The Littles were in gymnastics this past spring at our local Y.

They LOVED it.

Shea wanted, no needed, to learn how to do a cartwheel.  The girl was obsessed.

The approach.

She's up!

The landing.

Avery, well, she just doesn't quite have the hang of it yet.....

(Gotta love this 'backside' shot.....lol)

Let's try this again.

Not quite there.....

Maybe if both girls try together???

They're up....


Let's try it one more time, together....just for fun.

Not gonna happen, is it?

Shea & Avery are signed up for gymnastics this fall.

I am sure Avery will get her cartwheel perfected.  :)

Until then.....

She sure knows how to melt my heart with her smile.


  1. Look at Shea! Her legs are so straight...Yay for an awesome cartwheel!!! I just bet Avery isn't too far behind.

  2. My cousin has his kids in gymnastics. They love it! The oldest figured out she can climb up the moldings thanks to her new skills (now the moldings can be dusted :))

  3. Great job Shea!
    And Avery, your smile more than makes up for the tough time you're having with the cartwheel. Don't worry though, I'm sure you'll have it in no time once gymnastics starts!

  4. Yay for cartwheels in the grass on a summer day! Brings back happy memories of that very same thing with my sisters :)

    These days, all our outdoor fun has been in the pool - upper 90's and humid!

  5. SO!SO CUTE and Avery is STILL smiling! I NEVER could do a good cartwheel! NEVER! So glad for gymnastics at the Y as I could not teach my girlies!

  6. Oh Chris, that was priceless and looks a lot like my girls' cartwheels!! LOL!