Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 {feeling blessed}

Look we what we received right in time for Thanksgiving.....

A picture of Jude, and a small little update....

He is 19 months old.
And is precious.
He weighs about 24 lbs.
And is adorable.
He is about 31 inches tall.
And is amazing!

I was inspired me to purchase some really cute tops.

And look what arrived!!!

And WOW!

Do we really have a crib?


(Ahem....I gotta get working on his room.....soon!)

As we anticipate and prepare for Jude to join our family......

We remember all of our blessings!

Our Thanksgiving Day started off with the girls making Monkey Bread.

Then on to puzzle making.

*I forgot to take pictures of our fabulous meal.....I guess I was a little will do that to me!

But I did take a picture of the calm after the storm.  lol

Hard to believe that there were five very happy, hungry, and well-satisfied people sitting around this table!!!

We sure did miss our three older children, their spouses, and of course our grandson.  They were blessed to be able to spend Thanksgiving together down in Indy.

We were blessed to spend the day with my mom.

Hubby.....turkey stupor!  lol
And also....."Why are you taking a picture of me, Chris?" expression.

Finally, we watched this movie:

Perfect way to end a wonderful day.....

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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