Monday, August 19, 2013

Our Sunday Walk

Dave and I are trying to stay in.....ahem, shape.

Right now the only kind of exercise we can find time to do is walking.

We try to walk at least 4 times a week.

And the best way to use our time wisely is to make take the girls with us.

We call it "Family Time".   It's bonding while sweating.

We walk briskly for about 40 minutes.  We have a 2.2 mile route.

It's.......ummmmm, fun.  Yeah, fun.

Sunday, we decided to try the River Walk downtown.

Now that was fun.

Who knew that our little town held its own white-water rafting race?

On the River Walk???  I guess a river does means water, but I had no idea that the said river could boast a race.  Nor that the said river's water had a current that was even strong enough to be competitive for a race?  Like I said, who knew????

Guess I need to get out more.

What a pleasant scene we stumbled upon:

We watched the races for a while.....

Then proceeded on with our walk.

We stopped along the way to enjoy the river.

Something about a river is just so peaceful.....
That is when you not racing down the rapids of course!

We didn't get our 'sweat on', but we sure did have some fun!

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  1. Just think, soon you'll be chasing a little guy on those trails. Pretty sure you'll get a better work out taking HIM along :) LOL!