Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sunday Snapshot {Christmas Nails}

While the girls and I were shopping today, they spotted this.

'Mother Approved'...hmmmm?

Actually the girls were so stinkin' excited about these nails, I could hardly resist getting them.

And look.
How cute are these?

And these?
So adorable!

Theses nails 'inspired' some serious, ummmm, modeling????

My silly little girls.
Oh, how I love these two nuts!

It is truly amazing how a couple sets of Christmas nails can give two little girls such merriment.

And me?
I just love the giggles.
The smiles. The hugs.

These two?
Not only are they sisters forever.
But best friends.

Ni Hao Yall


  1. So cute - the nails and the girls! Love the smiles... those girls are workin' that camera :)

  2. Our girls had these too. After one time I found nails stuck in the carpet, a blanket in the wash, and in someone's hair. Fun for a little while but they don't last long on the fingers!