Friday, April 13, 2012

The {Princess} Cake!!!

This post is long overdue.....

What can I say? 
Except better late than never. (?)

Avery is such a girlie-girl in every.single.way.

I love it!

She turned six a few weeks ago.

She wanted a pink princess cake.


She wanted me to make it.


From scratch.

Say what???

I am not good in the kitchen.

Cooking and baking are not my strong points.

But, when this little face looks at you and asks you to bake her a pink princess cake from scratch....

It is hard to say no!

Avery was prepared.

This was the recipe 'we' were to follow.

Together with my (ahem) helpers....

This was the cake that was created:

Not too bad.

The cake part was a tad bit flour-y tasting.

The frosting was very, very, very sweet tasting.  

However, I do believe the birthday girl loved it.

And after all, that is what really matters!  :)


  1. Happy Birthday Avery! I really liked your cake!

  2. Beautiful and daring...I myself feel comfortable baking boxed brownies!

  3. Oh, her smile is just darling!!!!

    Happy 6th b'day sweet Avery - what a magical year you have ahead of you :) Hugs from PA :)