Monday, April 2, 2012

"Hand in Hand" ~ part 2: Avery and Her Best Friend, ZhuLi


A couple of weeks ago, a blog writer from Half the Sky contacted me.

They wanted to do a follow up journal post about Avery and her best friend, ZhuLi.

[Remember this journal post, Hand in Hand that was featured on their website? And the back story as to how I stumbled upon this incredible post?]

After I had read the "Hand in Hand" post about Avery/ZuLa and ZhuLi, I wrote to them.
I told them a little bit about our sweet Avery.
I explained how very emotional and extremely sad Avery was when we first met her.
And lastly I described Avery's reaction to this amazing story....
about her and her best friend from the orphanage.

Half the Sky wanted to share what I had told them on their Family section of their new website.  Being very hopeful that this {new} posting could be the impetus for something perhaps these two girls getting a chance to somehow reconnect?????

Of course, I thought this was a fabulous idea and readily agreed.  :)

Hand in Hand part 2: Avery and Her Best Friend, ZhuLi.

If this ongoing story of these two precious little girls can get out into the adoption community......

Well, do you believe in miracles?

I do!

And it would be nothing short of a miracle if Avery and ZhuLi could be meet again.

It would definitely be a God-thing!

Would you consider sharing this awe-inspiring continuing story on your blogs and Facebook pages?

Hand in Hand ~ part 1
Hand in Hand ~ part 2: Avery and Her Best Friend, ZhuLi

Who knows, perhaps together, with lots of prayer and the use of social networking, we can reunite these two children!

Thank you, Half the Sky.

And thank you to my friends and family.

Now, let's do this thing!!!


  1. Dear friend,
    I'm already planning the celebration! What an exciting moment indeed! In His time, In His way; all will be revealed. Hmm...think I've heard that before!! LOL!
    Hugs to our little Avery,

  2. I will be praying that these precious little ones find their way back to each other. God cares about these precious things on our hearts!!

  3. Oh the sweetness of this story! praying that ZhuLi will be found and that the girls can have a reunion!