Monday, December 5, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {Sledding}

Today turned out to be a great day for sledding.

This is 'Dad' territory.

I take pictures and provide the hot chocolate.

They do the outside stuff!

And they have a blast!

Going down the hill (in our backyard).

Climbing back up the hill....


All better!

Up the hill again....

Even the dog gets in to the action.

Look at Bretta go!!

Up and down....


 (or being sassy)

A good day had by all!

Join in the 'Sunday Snapshot' fun!!

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Chris,
    These pictures are so beautiful!! I love the colors!! Your girls are just down right adorable!

    No snow in Michigan yet! You can keep it on your side of the lake!! :)

  2. OH what fun! CANNOT believe all the snow you have!

  3. How fun! My boys love to go sledding, this makes me wish we had snow at our house!

  4. Sunday. Snow? Seriously? It was about 70 here.
    I'm jealous though, I'm ready enough for cold weather that I may head outside and let the hubs be on hot chocolate patrol...
    Looks like a wonderful day!

  5. Oh Chris, that looks like so much fun!!! You know, I have never been sledding! We just do not get that kind of snow here, or any snow at all! LOL! They looked like they were having a blast - your precious pup too:)