Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My 'Ugly' Christmas Decoration!

We all have one, right?

One that others (like husbands) wonder why in the world a particular (perhaps ugly) Christmas decoration is even still around.

Well, here is my beloved, maybe somewhat 'ugly' Christmas decoration:

Truthfully I don't think my snowman is that ugly?

Do you?

He does have a cute-ish face....

Maybe he does looks a little "Tim Burton-ish, Nightmare Before Christmas"?


I won him at a dinner auction several years ago.

I have no idea what my bid was.....

But still, I.won.him.

Last year, I put him on my front porch.  My husband was concerned that my snowman would frighten the neighbors, mail man, UPS guy, stray dogs....


He is quirky.

He is smiling.

I like different.

(my snowman that is, I am totally NOT referring to my husband. ha!)

This year I kept him inside....for his own safety.  Wasn't sure if the husband would 'accidentally' move my snowman.....ummm, let's say to the garbage.

Besides, my Littles like him

And they make Mr. Snowman, Tim Burton-ish, Nightmare Before Christmas, look very sweet and not ugly.

Mr. Snowman, well, you're a keeper!

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