Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {Piper.....the puppy!}

Meet Piper!

She is an eight week old Husky.

Isn't she a-dorable??
I'm in-love.....

She's not mine, though. :(
She is Faith and Jon's new puppy.

However, we are getting to know this sweet little pup real well.....

We are puppy-sitting for the next three weeks.

And we are th-rilled!

Faith and Jon are moving into their "new" home that they just purchased at the end of the month.
(Which by the way, is only five- yessssss- only five minutes away from this very happy momma.....but I digress.)

So in the meantime, we are baby puppy-sitting....

And lovin' it.

Just look at this cuteness.....

She is drinking from our chocolate lab's water dish,

Apparently her 'little' dish isn't doing the trick.

Bretta, our big ole 'puppy'....

Is pretty 'chill' about the Piper pup:

We definitely LOVE our Bretta!

And we are definitely lovin' Piper.....

And yes, this cutie-patootie has bi-colored eyes.

Very cool!

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  1. AHHHHHHH how sweet!!!!

    I hope they know that Huskies are runners. Our neighbor has had 2 and they both were expert escape artists (they lost the first and got the 2nd 2 years ago)

    I just love that breed though and if the neighbor's dog is outside when we are we just have to go say hi. Sadly she also thinks she is a lap dog....a VERY BIG lap dog. LOL

  2. Awwww! Absolute sweetness! I love, love, love the pics!!

    Have a nice day!

  3. Oh!!! How cute! What a beautiful pup :) It so great that your daughter and her husband are going to be just 5 minutes away. Congratulations!!!! on their puppy and their new home.

    Love your blog! It's so great!

  4. OH CHRIS! How I would love a cuddle with that precious bundle!!!! WHAT FUN! And, what a blessing to have the kids buy a house just minutes from you! PERFECT!

  5. Oh My Gosh she's cute! I would be in love too! My dd would love one of those! Thanks for stopping by SS. Blessings!

  6. OK Chris I am in LOVE too!!! Oh my gosh, serious cuteness! We had a husky Shepherd mix and he was just WONDERFUL!!! Loved to "talk" and was great with the kids! My hubby would have a houseful of Huskies if I let him! They shed like crazy but oh boy they are just so great!!!!!

  7. She is so cute!! We have a goldendoodle that I wanted to name Piper so badly, but I lost to the kids, Goldbug, seriously who names a pet Goldbug??? Too funny. Enjoy puppy sitting!!!

  8. Huskies are so sweet. I'd take Piper in a minute!

  9. OK really that is one seriously adorable puppy! Dangerous stuff!
    We have two dogs w/bi color eyes. Throws people off.
    Soooooo cute!
    Nancy-of the crazy 8

  10. Awww!! Soooo precious. Love them.

  11. Piper is cute, cute, cute! How fun that Faith and Jon are living so close! And they have you to puppy sit!!