Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {Friends!}

A while back, we had the wonderful opportunity to visit some very dear friends!

We have moved a lot during our marriage.  (Hazards of my hubby's profession.)

As a result, we have been blessed with many friends from all over the country.

This {paricular} friendship began in Texas.  (woot-woot!)  We moved to Wisconsin.  They moved to Indiana.


My husband had an interview in Indiana, and it just so happened (wink, wink) that during this process, we were able to stay with them.  :)

What a glorious time!

Sarah & Josh....their kids.....we love them!!!!

They are the best!

So much fun!

So hospitable!

So much catching up!

Felt like we have always known each other!

Felt like time & distance had no impact on our friendship.

Felt so natural & easy!

Friendship at its finest!

Oh, and our kids had a blast together.

Then as a bonus.....

We were reunited with some of our friends from college.  Holy cow!  What a blessing.

Talk about a blast from the past.

We have not seen Steve and Laurie since our college days.....
(no one has changed....a bit!!!)

Laurie and I were roommates.

She and Steve were college sweethearts.....just like Dave and me.

It was soooooooo good to see them again!!!

Then, as {yet} another bonus.....

Our son, Scott, who lives in Indy, was able to drive up for a quick visit.

They Littles were so excited to see Scott....

As well as one certain mom. ;)

Even though, we decided to stay put, and not take the offered job....
We had an amazing five days!!!


Such a blessing!

Ni Hao Yall

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  1. What a blessing to see dear friends!!
    Here from Sunday Snapshot!

  2. Love all the smiling faces - there's something amazing about old friends, isn't there? But I'm particularly partial to the lovely shot of big brother with the girls. That's just the sweetest :)

  3. Ummmm, yeah - an action packed weekend! I love traveling - but I love visitng old friends even more.

    So, what's up? You guys couldn't stomach the thought of being Colts fans?!


  4. There is some truth to that saying that old friends are gold, isn't there? Glad you had a chance to spend time together!