Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The 'Spicy' Factor



 After school snack!

We have a 'spicy' girl...

So we were told back in February of 2007...by the locals....in China.

"Spicy food...spicy baby"


I must admit I had no idea what they were talking about.  Really!

Now, we do!

My spicy baby. From the Sichuan Province.
Complete with a "Spicy" personality.
A child who is both loving, kind, & sweet as well as opinionated, bossy, & ferocious!
A more passionate child you will never know!
She tells it like it is...
Pulls no punches!
Is the most forgiving, protective, and helpful child ever!
A child of mass contradictions!

My spicy baby who is growing into a spicy little girl..
Who without a doubt will grow into a very spicy young lady!

A daughter who I adore!

A daughter whose first restaurant meal was at El Rancho.
Who couldn't (at 26 months old) get enough of the extra hot salsa onto her chips into her mouth fast enough!
Who would continue to eat until tears were streaming out her her eyes! (Aunt Cindy & Uncle Jerry, y'all know exactly what I am talking about!)
Whose {new} momma had to wrestle away the salsa from her baby's chubby little hands!
Who has won the admiration of many adult men....who are very impressed with her ability to tolerate all things spicy!

 Just to give you some perspective of her preferred breakfast choice:

The noodles in the back of the picture are hers....
The noodles in the front are Avery's.

'Nuf said!

I hope this spicy girl of mine never changes!

{She} is "the very spice of  life"!  :)


  1. You know, my spicy gal (and boy is she spicy) loves strong flavors (garlic anyone?), but she doesn't like spicy foods. Sounds like Shea is BOTH - a spicy girl in personality and taste.

  2. Oh we remember those tearing eyes! Remember how (funny) that was! We thought it was child abuse, but we couldn't keep her away from that bowl! Such fun memories-and now look, what a wonderful girl she has become! Talk about blessings! Miss everyone! Come to Rancho this Thursday!!!!

  3. That is amazing. Gracious! I have heard that term spicy girl before and didn't really know what it meant either. I guess it means you buy hot sauce by the gallon at Costco! Wowzers!

  4. That is hilarious that Shea loves salsa like that!?! And chili powder :) Wow - Mya freaks out with a little bit of pepper!